What Are Alternatives To Innerspring Mattresses?

For long, innerspring mattresses have been an obvious choice for mattress buyers; being reasonably affordable as well as comfortable. However, off late, the mattresses market has seen many newer options coming up as an alternative for innerspring mattresses. With the emergence of new technology and manufacturing approach, brands are experimenting with new materials making mattresses manufacturing a more competitive endeavor. However, all this competition has emerged into more elaborate choices for the consumers. With so many options to choose from, you must get familiar with the available choices to buy the perfect mattress for your bed.

Online resources like getbestmattress.com provide some overview about the available choices. They also guide buyers in making a purchase that best suits their requirements. You can check reviews from many other buyers and consumers to examine the merits and claims of competing brands. Here is a list of alternatives to an innerspring mattress available in the market today:


  • Memory foam mattresses:

When it comes to comfort and luxury, memory foam mattresses are the first and foremost choice for consumers. The getbestmattress.com recommend memory foam mattresses for consumers looking for comfortable mattresses at cost-effective prices. These mattresses use a polyurethane-based substance to provide the sinking sensation. Its unique open-cell design effectively absorbs user’s body to provide the sinking or cloud-like sensation with a complete body support. These mattresses support motion transfer very effectively leading to undisturbed sleep when the bed is shared by partners.

Memory foam mattresses come in varied variety and density from synthetic to natural. Considering the density and quality, the price of the mattresses may also vary. In terms of comfort and support, these memory foam mattresses have no competitor. They have been highly rated options among consumers as well as retailers.

However, some brand users have reported issues like sleep hot and odor. However, with the involvement of better technology and use of more natural materials, the brands are releasing better products that effectively combat these issues. In summary, memory foam mattresses remain to be the best choice for buyers.


  • Latex mattresses:

If you are someone who admires durability over comfort than latex mattresses are for sure a perfect choice to make. However, latex mattresses often are expensive. For this reason, their high cost made them unreachable for most of the consumers with an average budget. Initially, latex mattresses were manufactured using naturally occurring organic materials accounting for their high cost. However, latex mattresses made with synthetic materials are also available these days at reasonably affordable prices.

Latex mattresses are known for their support, comfort, and durability. Latex mattresses made with organic materials are also anti-microbial, hypo-allergenic, and resistant to dust mites and mildews. For these properties, latex mattresses are best for people suffering from respiratory ailments. Also, these promising features make latex mattresses a popular high-rated choice for buyers despite their high costs.


  • Waterbed mattresses:

With technology getting better over time, waterbeds have also transformed over the past decade, now forming a popular choice among mattress buyers. Modern-day waterbeds have compartments or wave-reducing fibrous layer to provide maximum support and comfort without enduring rolling waves. Waterbeds offer a relaxing sleep similar to memory foam mattresses since the water is internally controlled by the fiber layers. Softside waterbeds are available in standard sizes, however, the consumer reviews are mixed for these mattresses.

Waterbed Mattresses are something you will either hate or love. Durability does become a factor for waterbeds due to leakage issues. For this reason, waterbeds are a matter of preference for many people. For people who love to experiment with newer trends, waterbeds are definitely a must-have choice.

Considering so many captivating options with many promising features, mattress buying may turn really intimidating. So, when you try to buy a new mattress next time for your bed, do some research about the options available in the market. Read as many customer reviews as possible to get a better understanding of the merits and demerits of every option available to you. Finally, make a choice that best defines your comfort, usability, and budget requirements. For more options and a mattress buyer’s guide visit getbestmattress.com.


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