Ralph Lauren Released Smart Polo Shirt with Fitness Apps

When you imagine “smart fitness shirt,” you probably think about clunky high-tech shirt full of prominent gadgets, but Ralph Lauren smart fitness shirt is a new product that makes you look more like actual gym visitor instead of tech guinea pig. The brand releases its smart shirt as a part of Polo line, which has long been famous for its sport-oriented designs. Despite having several high-tech features, the shirt still looks like an actual sport shirt, so you will not feel embarrassed when using it in the gym or jogging path.

Design of Ralph Lauren Smart Fitness Shirt

Smart technology on clothing and accessories is nothing new, but Ralph Lauren smart fitness shirt actually looks like a cool shirt you would gladly wear to the gym. The features contribute to its price tag, but the features and preppy style will not make you regret the purchase, especially if you care about looking cool and measuring your progress in exercises through various biometric signs.

The most obvious feature is the shirt’s model: despite being adorned with giant “POLO” letters in yellow on the back and the signature horseman on the front (which may make you look like a company billboard), the shirt is quite modest, with black color, modest neckline, and elastic material. The shirt is made of polyester, nylon and spandex, so it is flexible and hugging at the same time (great to outline your muscles if you are already ripped). The reason the shirt is so tight-fitting is because the module must be as close to your body as possible all the time to get accurate data.

You will find five snap-fastener holes under the horseman logo, with a stiff silver strip on the back of that fastener (inside the shirt). This is where you attach the Bluetooth module, and the silver strip sends the biometric information you need to analyze your exercise progress. The well-fitting nature of the shirt will not make you feel uncomfortable, but you may experience difficulties when trying to take off the shirt after sweating so much.

Features of Ralph Laurent Smart Fitness Shirt

Despite the slight design flaws, Ralph Lauren smart fitness shirt is actually an ideal high-tech shirt with decent features for people who do serious exercises. The Bluetooth module and biometric detector helps delivering information such as:

  • Breathing and heart rates.
  • Calorie expenditure level depending on the exercise intensity.
  • “Track” app, which gives information about the right workout sets that you can do based on your own biometric data.
  • “Push” app, which gives quantitative information about your weightlifting training result based on your biometric data.
  • Options between audio and video to follow workout tips and instructions.

The workout videos have high quality, easy instructions that do not require complicated gym tools (which means you can do it outside the gym), and feature professional trainer Chris Ryan. Basically, you can get your own data related to exercises and workouts you do, and then get recommended workout tips and instructions based on your own data. This makes Ralph Laurent smart fitness shirt feels like a personal trainer, and definitely something worth of your $300.

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