Smartphone plays a huge role in US Retail Holiday Seasons


Mobile phones play a major role in handling online business and mobile commerce applications. This device is portable and we have many advanced features and applications that help us in our day to day life. In Foreign Countries, almost every person makes use of a Smartphone for mobile payments. This has made huge revenue in the world of a Smartphone.

Various countries are developing Smartphone in a different way to make use of it conveniently. These mobile networks are providing entertainment and business prospects in various ways. It looks like a storage device where users make the best use of it.

Making online orders and last minute shopping of the customers made the dealers for a slow start to the holiday shopping in the US. This, in turn, made higher wages, rising stock market, lower food and gas prices which make the Americans spend more. The holiday season is an important thing to spend most of your time resting in peace and enthusiasm.

Mobile Commerce

M-commerce is a process where selling and buying of goods and service takes place through wireless portable devices. It includes devices such as cellular telephone and Personal digital assistants which are known as next-generation e-commerce. M-commerce allows the user to access the internet without making use of wired devices.

Technology behind m-Commerce

The trending technology behind m-commerce is the Wired Application Protocol (WAP) which has made a great measure in Europe. Here the mobile device is outfitted with Web-ready micro-browsers in order to accomplish with m-commerce market potential, handset manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, and Qualcomm. They are working with carriers such as AT&T Wireless and Sprint to make WAP- enabled mobile phones.

Using Bluetooth technology, mobile phones provide e-mail, fax, and phone capabilities which pave way for increase in mobile workforce. Since delivering of contents in a wireless device is much faster, secure and scalable, there is huge speculation that m-commerce will exceed as a method of choice for digital commerce transactions.

Industries Affected by m-commerce

Financial Services

This includes mobile banking where customers make use of handheld devices to pay their bills. Brokerage services, where stock quotes can be shown and trading conducted from the handheld devices.


Here service charge, bill payment, and account reviews can be done through the same handheld devices.

Service or Retail

Consumers are given the ability to place and pay for the orders on the spot using services or retail process.

IT Services

IT services include delivering of financial news, traffic updates and sports figures to a single mobile device. Many companies are making this as speech recognition software as a way to improve the security for m-commerce transactions.

Smartphone Role in m-commerce sales

Smartphone retail m-commerce sales in the US are doubled, run by larger screens, better mobile search, smooth buying experiences and context-driven discovery. It is expected that the sales will reach $123.13 billion in 2016, 39.1% in 2015 and almost double the amount in 2014. With this fast growth m-commerce accounts for one-third of retail e-commerce sales and 2.6% of total retail this year. Over the past years, it is seen that people’s willingness to purchase on Smartphone increased a lot.

Tablets hold the majority of m-commerce sales at 50.6% over 2016. Even though tablets had a huge growth it is not as fast as Smartphone growth. At the end of 2017, Smartphone accounts for almost half of the m-commerce retail sales overcoming Tablets for the first time.

Nowadays Tablets are still growing but not to a greater extent than before. Its sales should continue to excel over the forthcoming years and outstrip $100 billion in 2020.

Mobile Commerce growth exceeds e-commerce

In previous days e-commerce plays a huge role in making electronic transactions through the internet. But nowadays the technology has changed and mobile commerce is growing at a faster rate. There are still a lot of e-commerce retailers that have not been keeping up with times and are still not better. There are dealers who still are unresponsive to the mobile user, which makes the consumers move away from e-commerce applications.

It is a fact that some e-commerce applications fail to provide mobile-friendly shopping experience. The growing popularity of mobile-friendly and mobile shopping has increased a lot in today’s world.

Mobile Shopping in the US

People are expecting a lot of features for their use and this can be done with different specifications. In the United States of America, there is a gain of 19.3 percent of annual sales during holiday seasons. The rapid growth will occur with some fluctuations depending on the features of the mobile application. The mobile application will overtake desktop in online traffic to provide little modifications in websites and applications.

Consumers using mobile devices have increased gradually due to time utilization. These people are using quality and standard products in their day to day life. Compared to those things people always use mobile applications. The assessment in the mobile application in the United States of America is using secure keys for the purpose of mobile management. Due to these reasons, the US organizations are recruiting a large number of employees to control data transmission process through the application. During each holiday season, every 3 million people are signing up with mobile applications. This is normally high compared to the usual period of utilizing the mobile app through m-commerce application.

Benefits of m-commerce during the holiday seasons

Technology has changed a lot with respect to people’s requirement. During holiday seasons people move towards Smartphone applications to have a lot of fun activities. In the recent survey, the m-commerce sale is almost high. These applications are most widely used in digital marketing to advertising about a particular product. The gain of the mobile application is achieved mainly because of introducing special features.

In the United States of America, the retail holiday season is particularly done with the mobile application. It leads to huge growth in m-commerce status due to increased usage in mobile applications. As per the expectation, the US will reach the revenue of $123.13 billion which is double the times of gain when compared with previous year e-commerce strategy. These revenues are achieved by handheld devices like the Smartphone. The majority of the US people is still using a tablet device to access the mobile applications.


At present only 1.6 billion people make use of a Smartphone to shop online all over the world. At the end of 2017, almost every person will make use of the tablet or Smartphone in some form like m-commerce transactions.  Over 95% of the mobile web users make use of Smartphone to gather information, chatting and for business prospects. At present, mobile device paves way for about 19% of US retail e-commerce sales representing 1 out of every 4 US retail e-commerce dollars.

During holiday seasons business people are obtaining new products to the enterprise management with improved standardization. This leads the people to access more in the mobile app. In the US the number of users making use of Smartphone is more during holiday seasons. With the grown-up technology, the current applications vary depending upon the performance and time utilization. Revenue of US retailers increased gradually since every holiday trip makes some more interest towards the use of mobile applications.

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