How to use 2 WhatsApp via parallel space app

Not all social media allow you to log in with multiple accounts, if you want to sign in with the different id, then you first have to sign out from the first one then sign in from the different one. People often search for how can they install parallel WhatsApp for dual WhatsApp account on the internet. If you are also looking any trick that can install two WhatsApp on single Android device, mainly those people need this who have dual sim phone. They ask about how can they install two Facebook, two Clash Of Clans or any other app in the single phone. That’s why we are here presenting the easy solution of their problem i.e., Parallel Space Multiple account app. If you are looking for WhatsApp tricks and hacks,  it is also provided by us; you can get those tricks by just clicking.

What is Parallel Space Multiple Account App?

Parallel Space Multiple accounts is an Android app that allows you to create and run multiple WhatsApp account on your phone simultaneously. You can also have two or more Facebook accounts or Instagram accounts or any things. The UI of this app is beautiful and clean; it is very easy to setup, and it sports 99% apps from play store. No, you don’t need to root your Android device to use this app. The total size of this app is 2mb, and it does not require any permission also. You can have multiple accounts in just 2 minutes.

Features of Parallel Space Multiple account app-

  1. Unique: Unique container technology is used in parallel space that allows you to run multiple accounts simultaneously.
  2. Tiny: Size is only 2mb but powerful
  3. Messenger apps: To contact different people and friends with different accounts.
  4. Social apps: To share different photos, videos or any other media with different accounts.
  5. Gaming apps: doubling the fun and enjoyment by playing with two accounts at the same time.


Why Parallel Space?

Parallel Space helps you to keep your personal life separate from your professional life. Although a man wants to stay connected 24 hours with his loved ones while at the same time, he doesn’t want to be bothered with professional emails and WhatsApp messages at all times. Someone special has sent you any pic you want to see instantly, but at the same time, you are afraid that if you came online, then your boss will see you. Parallel Space Multiple Account solved this problem; now you can run one WhatsApp account for your professional messages and one for your dear ones.

How to install two WhatsApp account in Android phone

To create parallel WhatsApp accounts, whatsmapp apk, and OgWhatsApp apk are other alternative android apks. Using those apks is a tedious process and not official too. Parallel Space is comfortable and easy to use, and there is no need to root the device to run parallel accounts. Here we explain you, how to setup second WhatsApp account using Parallel Space Multiple accounts app. iPhone version of this Parallel Space has not released yet.

Step1: – Download Parallel Space Multiple Accounts App on your sexy and sleek smartphone.

Step2: – Click the install button and Parallel Space installation starts

Step3: – After the installation, open Multiple Account app by a gentle tap on Parallel Space icon. Now further proceed to install dual WhatsApp on your smartphone.

Step4: – Now tap on the + symbol to add dual WhatsApp

Step5: – Now it recommends an Android apk, select WhatsApp apk in the list to install dual WhatsApp accounts on a single phone. You can also choose other apps for their second account.

Step6: – Tap on the WhatsApp icon to start the installation of second WhatsApp using Parallel Space.

Step7: – Tap on the agree and continue to the license page appear. You will have to provide your country name and mobile number to run other WhatsApp. A verification process helds ana a code will be sent to the provided number, When you enter the code, it will run your second WhatsApp

Step8: – Your account is ready to use. Whenever you want to run second WhatsApp just open Parallel Space and click on the WhatsApp Icon.

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