7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Freelance Writer

Freelance writers are becoming a force to reckon with. They are taking over and are becoming a big deal in every avenue where writing is needed. If you’re a business owner, you cannot afford to underestimate the value that freelance writers bring to your business. Be it a task that has a real-time deadline or a project that is becoming too difficult to handle, we all at one point or another require the services of a freelance writer. The best thing about freelancers that makes them stand out is their expertise and professionalism. They can be depended upon to deliver results.

This article will consider the immense value that freelance writers bring to businesses and why every business needs a freelance writer.

1. They Have Vast Knowledge and Experience

Almost everybody who has hired a freelance writer at one point or another can attest to this fact. Freelance writers have a wide outlook on matters because they write for a variety of clients in various fields, sectors, and industries. Freelance writers do not write for particular agencies, they write for multiple agencies. Hence, they continuously improve their knowledge. This adds up to positive benefits for all parties involved in hiring freelance writers as they benefit from content that is of the highest quality. This vast knowledge makes them the best providers of any custom writing service.

2. You Will Enjoy Great Value for Your Money

Freelance writers have been known to exceed the expectations of the clients who hired them. They focus on building long-term relationships with clients, which are based on consistent results. The same cannot be said for agency writers. When you choose an agency, you will get sub-standard work. Normally, writers from such agencies strive to do the bare minimum as quick as possible without keen attention to the finer aspects of writing. Thus, even if you were to pay the same price for both types of services, you would get more value for your money if you chose a freelance writer.

3. They are More Dependable

All businesses require a form of dependability, flexibility, and assurance. This is because business operations have to take place in a consistent way in order to ensure continuity. A part of this consistency is brought by a team that’s always dependable. Freelance writers provide such dependability. If you need a task or a project to be completed swiftly, you can count on them to rise to the occasion. In fact, it is even more cost effective to hire a freelance writer on demand than to keep permanent staff.

In comparison to agency writers, freelance writers literally leave everything that they were doing to attend to your task in order to complete it as soon as they can. They are very flexible and can work at odd times. On the contrary, agency writers will just log you into their to-do list. They will attend you after they’re done with whatever they were doing before you contacted them. You will be an after-thought, and in most cases, they operate within normal working hours, that is, 9-5 pm. Thus, you are better off having a freelance writer on your speed dial as they will offer you the convenience and dependability that your business deserves.

4. Almost Perfect Proofreading

Every average writer makes mistakes, be it grammar, spelling, or punctuation. But there’s something about freelance writers that makes them stand out from all other writers – their proofreading skills. We can say that freelance writers are hawk-eyed in terms of spotting those mistakes. They edit and proofread articles and write-ups to utmost perfection. Their work is at most times accurate. All your business write-ups have to be written in a highly accurate manner. To ensure that this accuracy is maintained, you can employ freelance writers to look over them before the documents are sent.

5. They Generate More Traffic and Leads

If your business has a blog, a website, or a social media page, you can always count on freelance writers to drive high volumes of traffic to your site. This is because they are able to create a lot of content regularly. This content is not merely basic content. It’s exciting and captivating and is sure to give you more leads and more traffic. And as we all know, more leads and more traffic will eventually lead to more sales, which is the goal of a majority of businesses.

6. They Save Time

We all know that time is a precious commodity. Everyone seeks to save it. As a business owner, your time has precious value. But the reality is that you always have a lot on your plate and you cannot possibly do everything within the time limit you have. What better way to save your time than by hiring a freelance writer? You can delegate certain tasks to a freelance writer to free up your time, especially if there are other priorities on your schedule. You should not bombard yourself with tasks that take up your precious time. Remember, your business needs your leadership and direction. Why not focus on that while a freelance writer helps you with other small tasks like crafting content.

In addition to writing, freelance writers offer more services. You might find that your freelance writer has experience in a certain field or even more than one field. Many freelancers once had traditional jobs and have qualifications in other fields too. Apart from writing, a freelance writer might be a marketing strategist, a graphic designer, a web developer, a financial consultant or a business analyst. Thus, you will benefit from all these other additional services. In fact, you will get the additional services at a bulk discount as opposed if you were to hire both a writer and a financial consultant.

7. You Will Benefit From a Direct Line of Communication

One thing that’s appealing with freelancers is the direct line of communication that they give you. There are no hierarchies or bureaucracy when dealing with them, even when they have a lot of clients to deal with. There is no apparent chain of command, hence, getting their services is a quick affair. With freelancers, you’re able to tell them directly what you want, when you want it, and how you want it. They will always guarantee a well-crafted work submitted in a timely manner. In case you remember some additional details that you might have omitted when giving them the instructions, you can contact them directly anytime.


Indeed, your business has so much to gain from the input of freelancers. If you have been lingering on the thought of hiring one, the benefits outweigh the costs. You are indeed holding yourself back from taking your business to the next level. Make a decision today to hire a freelance writer and see for yourself the immense value that will be added to your business.


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