When is the best time to visit Dubai for vacation?

Pool view to Dubai Marina

Dubai is known for its sizzling sun, a wide variety of action-packed activities to do and a lot of breath-taking sightseeing. The best time to travel in this desert oasis is during the ‘cooler’ months that fall between the months of November and March. Dubai is fast becoming a preferred destination in the Middle East and it is on many people’s travel bucket list.

The city boasts futuristic architecture that is complemented with the desert sands all around. Also, there is an abundance of shopping and cultural experiences that awe visitors. On top of the unique designed buildings, including the tallest building in the world, the city features impressive man-made islands never seen before.

When visiting Dubai with the purpose of investing, you should consult the top real estate brokers in Dubai to know places worth investing. For instance, there is a huge variety of apartments in Dubai Creek Harbour and apartments in Downtown Dubai. In fact, these are some of the areas to invest because of the high rental yields.

Weather in Dubai

Since the city is located in the desert, it does not experience much season variation.  Mostly, it is either hot or hotter. Sometimes, the temperatures can go as high as 40oC during summer which makes it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities.

Winter in Dubai

The city does not experience the typical winter of snow falling and cold. Instead, November to March is considered winter because the temperatures are bearable averaging at 25o C. This is the best time to visit Dubai due to the relief from the scorching sun. Whether you are going to the beaches, shopping in the numerous malls, experiencing exhilarating entertainment, the best time is during the ‘cooler’ months.

At the same time, you should be prepared to meet huge crowds of tourists from around the world. For instance, Jumeirah Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the city, attracts huge crowds to enjoy the buttermilk sand and warm water. In particular, January and February is a popular time in Dubai as people make their way to the annual shopping festival. If you want fewer crowds, then you should visit the city between mid-November and early December.

You should keep in mind that accommodation rates and flights may be high during the winter season because it is considered to be a high season. Therefore, you should be prepared to spend more than during the low season. Also, due to the huge crowds involved, you should book in advance.

Summer season

Months that fall between April and October are considered summer months and temperatures are extremely high during this period. It can be a perfect time to visit Dubai if you want to avoid the huge crowds witnessed during the winter season. However, it is almost impossible to engage in outdoor activities as temperatures can soar up to 40oC or more.

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