How Does Strut Mount Work?

Strut Mount

For automotive shock absorbers, their existence is to allow vehicles to remain “smooth and comfortable” on rough roads. To accomplish this mission of comfort and stability, the shock absorption effect of the car must be excellent, so that the vehicle will be more stable when it is traveling. However, if we hear abnormal noise during driving, we will usually judge that there is something wrong with the shock absorber. One step further, is it the problem of shock absorber or the strut mount? Below we will work together to solve the strut mount effect of the car shock absorber.

Brief Introduction

The strut mount of the shock absorber is the last shock absorber. It helps the spring to reduce the impact force when the spring works. When the spring is pressed to the end, we will feel a strong impact from the wheel. When the upper strut mount is good, the impact sound is “bang” and when the strut top mount fails, the impact sound is “dang”. The impact force is tremendous, which will not only damage the shock absorber but also cause the deformation of the hub.

Operating Principle

The interaction of rubber molecules in the strut mount will hinder the movement of molecular chains and show viscous characteristics, so that the stress and strain are often in an unbalanced state. The curled long-chain molecular rubber structure and the weak secondary force between the molecules make the rubber material exhibit unique viscoelastic properties. So it has excellent shock absorption, sound insulation, and cushioning properties. Automotive rubber parts are widely used to isolate vibration and absorb shock because of their hysteresis, damping, and reversible broad deformation characteristics. In addition, the rubber also has hysteresis and internal friction characteristics. They are usually expressed by loss factors. The higher the loss factor, the more obvious the rubber damping and heat generation, and the more obvious the shock absorption effect.

Operating Principle of AA-TOP


Strut mount plays a vital role in the part of the shock absorption and cushioning of cars, and they are essential rubber parts of cars.

The upper strut mount is commonly known as the shock absorber bearing with spring seat ring. Its material is rubber, which mainly plays a cushioning role. That is to say, when you pass some deceleration belts, it will put your car on the ground after the tires are wholly landed, and the body of the vehicle will be lifted slightly, creating excellent comfort.

On the other hand, the strut top mount of the shock absorber also has sound insulation effect. It reduces the tire mockery on the ground. When the tire is bumpy on the rough terrain, it can reduce the direct impact on the vehicle.

AA-TOP reminds passengers that, for car shock absorbers, rubber spring, rubber air spring, top rubber of engine suspension shock absorber, rubber cone shock absorber, plug rubber shock absorber, and various shock absorber cushions are the main products. They are used in engine and transmission system, front and rear suspension system, vehicle body, and exhaust system, etc. Its structure is mainly composed of composite products of rubber and metal sheet, and sometimes pure rubber parts. The upper strut mount produced by AA-TOP is just made of superior raw material, ensuring the function of this shock absorber part.

AA-TOP function

From the development trend abroad, the number of shock absorbers for cars has been increasing. For improving the comfort of driving, strut mount has been developed in terms of both quantity and quality. After entering the 21st century, the safety, comfort, and convenience of cars have become the primary factors of user care. Although car production has not increased much, the consumption of the strut mount is still growing.

The strength of the upper strut mount proves that even the smallest object can play an irreplaceable role, it plays an important role when we encounter pits while driving. They ensure that we keep our balance on rough roads and continue driving. Therefore, the application of shock absorber strut mount in the automotive industry is indispensable now.

It will only constantly be innovated with more high-quality strut mount. If you also want to select a proper strut mount, AA-TOP is a recommendation.

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