Protect Your Messages! Use The Best Private Messenger!

Can you imagine your life without a messenger? Today, the messenger is a necessary tool not only for keeping in touch with family and friends, but also an essential channel of communication with colleagues, a place where you can learn something new, or share your knowledge with others.

Unfortunately, in the 21st century, not many messengers can boast of a high-security guarantee for its use. It is primarily due to the data encryption methods they use.

Therefore, we decided to prepare for you the top secure messengers that will help you protect your data from leaks and surveillance.

Private Messenger of the new era is ready!


Utopia is a decentralized ecosystem. It uses a peer-to-peer network, access to which is restricted to customers of the ecosystem. Also, Utopia does not have a single server for storing user data. To do this, it creates a separate server for each user, which only the user has access to.

All user data is securely encrypted thanks to the Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES. They not only protect data from leakage but also securely store it.

Utopia is available for anonymous use. Its functionality includes uMessenger, uMail, Idyll Browser, uWallet, and Mining Bot. Thanks to the Hybrid Mode function, the user can simultaneously use several tools in one open window. It will not affect performance in any way.


Signal works on Android and iOS platforms, and there is also a desktop version for the PC. It is considered one of the most secure messengers, including those protected from prying intelligence agencies.

This open-source Messenger uses end-to-end encryption via Curve25519, AES-256, and HMAC-SHA256. Developers do not have access to correspondence at all, and messages and calls are stored on the device and can be locally encrypted with a passphrase before sending them to the server (this feature must be enabled).

Besides, Open Whisper Systems has introduced security measures such as a ban on screenshots and Safety numbers. The last function allows you to make sure that the user communicates with the person with whom he wants. Safety Number uses a QR code that is unique for each user.

Both interlocutors should open the corresponding screen with this code. We must mention another means of protection – the function of self-destructing messages. It allows you to delete the chat log after some time.


Threema uses end-to-end encryption. The advantage of the program includes the fact that there is no binding to the phone number, like many other messengers, including Signal.

The installation procedure, or rather the start of work in the messenger, is not easy. First, the user creates two keys – private and public. The first is stored on the gadget, and the second is passed to the interlocutors.

As for the adding contacts, Threema uses a similar Signal method with QR codes. There are group chats and other standard features. And to enhance protection, you can set an additional password in case of theft of the gadget. It must be entered at startup or after some inactivity.


It is similar to Signal or Wickr in terms of data encryption reliability — end-to-end. In terms of registration, it still resembles Signal. There is a link to the phone book, where the interlocutors with the installed application come from. You can even link to Facebook, but if the bet is on super-secrecy, then, of course, it is better not to do it.

The main feature of the messenger is a unique method of conducting correspondence. The fact is that these messages will be deleted immediately after reading. Moreover, the text is divided into parts – the words are closed with orange rectangles, which you need to click until the entire message is read. And after that, it is deleted forever.

Choose and use the best private messenger and appreciate the safety measures!

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