7 Imperative Reasons to Create a Check Printing Setup at Home

Paying bills is part and parcel of adulthood. Finding the easiest means of paying your bills can make the tough process of parting with money easier. There are many bills that you can pay online, but the payment gateways may charge fees for the payments that you make. Checks are widely accepted forms of payment that people use even with multiple online payment options readily available. Here are some reasons why you should invest in setting up check printing at home.

Wide Acceptance

From schools to courts, checks are widely accepted as a form of payment by many institutions. Even if you have to pay an individual you can hand them a check. Not all payment modes are as widely accepted as checks. Hence, it is important to have check papers in stock.

Quick Payment

Reduce the time taken to write checks by simply printing them. There is check printing software, like QuickBooks, that can help you print checks. You need to insert the check paper into your printer and hit the print button to get the checks printed in a flash. Once your check printing at home is completed, the payee can take the check and deposit/cash it at their convenience. Online check depositing has made the process and even faster one.

Expense Tracking

When you use your card to make payments, you might not be aware of how much you are spending. As you notice the number of checks reducing you can notice your expenses. The physical form of payment can help you keep track of your expenses better than digital payment methods.

Making Payments on Time

Forgetting to make a payment can cost you more money. For recurring payments, you can keep post-dated checks printed and ready. All you need to do is set a reminder and hand over the checks to your payee on time. For non-recurring payments, check printing at home allows you to print the check you need swiftly and have it ready for payment in time.

Easy Rent Payment Arrangement

Being nagged by your landlord for rent is a headache you can live without. With check printing at home, you can print out post-dated checks and give them to your landlord. Your landlord can deposit or cash the check every month without having to bother you for the payment.

Minor Investment

Creating a setup for check printing at home is a minor investment. You can buy check paper in bulk from online check vendors. You can use your inkjet printer to print the checks. Check printing software is an investment that can also help you track your expenses as well. So, by spending a few dollars, you will be gifting yourself convenience.


Providing your card information to complete payments might not be secure. On the other hand, checks are a trustworthy piece of paper that is widely accepted as a mode of payment. If you make any mistake with the check, you can call the bank and get the check canceled before the payee deposits it. Similarly, if you misplace your check, you can keep your funds safe by calling the bank immediately.

With checks still being a predominantly accepted form of payment, you can invest in creating a setup for check printing at home.

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