Reasons Why Your Employees Decide to Leave and the Possible Changes to Convince Them to Stay

It’s frustrating to see your employees go, especially the ones you would like to keep in your team. They contribute a lot to the success of your operations, and you don’t want to lose such important assets. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to determine the reasons why employees leave and the changes you can make to encourage them to stay. 

You’re not a flexible leader

You have to understand that not all employees face the same situations. Some of them don’t have kids and won’t have to rush in the morning to avoid arriving at work late. Others may even have a mental health problem being dealt with. As such, it’s important for you to stay flexible. You need to know what’s going on in your employees’ lives and learn to be flexible in dealing with them. If there are requests to take a break from work, you need to know why and approve them if reasonable.

You keep giving impossible deadlines

Yes, you’re under much pressure to keep the team together. If you’re strict with deadlines, it’s understandable. You want everyone to get things done on time. However, you need to avoid giving piles of tasks and expecting immediate and quality results. For some employees, your requests are too much to take on. They would rather leave than go through this level of stress week after week.

The workplace isn’t fun

No one expects to go to work and play all week. Of course, people go to work to do serious tasks. It doesn’t mean though that the place needs to feel dry and terrible. You can still reach your desired results even if the office feels relaxed. Organise a common room where your employees can relax for a while if they under immense stress. You also need to introduce some fun office games whenever possible as an ice breaker. At least once a quarter, you need one big fun activity like a funfair. Employees can bring family members with them. It’s an interesting idea since for some employees their jobs might make them miss a lot of special moments with their families. You can partner with quality funfair rides for hire if you want this plan to come to fruition. 

You keep sweeping things under the rug

It’s important to deal with crucial issues at work. If there are complaints, regardless of their nature, you have to deal with them. You can’t keep sweeping things under the rug in the hope they will go away. The culture you’re promoting could be toxic for some employees, and they would rather leave.

There are other reasons why employees might decide to leave, and you can’t force all of them to stay. You need to understand that they also have other career plans. However, you need to realize that for some of them, the issues dealt with are too much to bear. They have no plans to leave, but because of the failure in management, they decided to do so. With these changes, some employees might change their minds about leaving.

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