What is Website Content Moderation? Types of Moderation & Why You Need It

Website Content moderation is a process of reviewing and removing content from a platform. This process is done by a team of reviewers who are trained to review content to ensure it satisfies the terms and conditions set by the platform. Website Content moderation is done for many reasons, but primarily to keep a site or service free from inappropriate or illegal material. 

As society changes, so do what we consider appropriate or not. The type of content that is acceptable now might not be considered as such in the future. Content moderation also helps reduce any legal risks for those who run the site and those who use it. Here are some ways to know if you need content moderating and how it can help your business succeed.

What is Website Content Moderation?

What is considered acceptable content varies depending on the platform and the type of user and visitor you are attracting. Some sites allow you to publish links to books or merchandise you have created. On some sites, you are allowed to publish and sell recipes or cooking advice. Others do not allow this. Content moderation is the process of reviewing content to ensure it adheres to the terms and conditions set out by the site or service. A team of trained individuals does content moderation, and it may be outsourced to a third party.

Some sites have a set policy for content that is allowed, and those that do allow are required to offer free links to that content. These links allow others to access the content for free, so they will not be a legal liability if they are viewed.

Why do you need content moderation?

Sharing personal details without permission is one of the biggest threats to your online business. Unsecured sites allow all kinds of viruses, malicious software, malware, phishing sites, phishing emails, spyware, viruses, and spam. Any such material should be removed. If your online business is interested in removing such content, then certain forms of content moderation can help.

Beware of potential threats that can harm your website and decrease its performance.

Types of content moderation


Blocking an entire site is often an option, but is it worth the trouble? Using Content Filter, you can filter all unwanted content from your site to see how it works.

Limiting access to certain platforms

Lifelock, as an example, blocks you from using their platform for a certain time period, which means if you have clicked a link or visited a page, you will have to wait until the time is up. This might keep you from visiting certain websites.

Reasonable and practical

Content moderation is necessary for any company that intends to operate a site or conduct business online. The chances of a user going behind your site to commit illegal or unethical activities are low.


Site Content moderation can help you in several ways. When people post incorrect, defamatory, misleading, or illegal content on your site, content moderation can take care of the problem for you without much hassle. When you enable moderation, you can usually make your site completely safe.

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