5 Ways Your Business Can Grow By Using SMS Message

Electronic communication has become one of the most dominant parts of our everyday lives. Whether it be phone calls, emails, text messages, video calls and more, technology is breaking the barriers of keeping in contact. Businesses are feeling the effects of the booming new age of electronic communication and technology. More businesses are learning to use this to their advantage in areas like marketing and overall growing their businesses. There are various marketing styles that are utilized and effective today, but one that often gets overlooked is SMS or text messaging marketing. SMS marketing benefits are endless, which is why we’ll be outlining some of the best ways to use it to grow your business. If accomplished properly, these tips are easy to follow and will grow your business in various ways.


Human Touch

Personalized messages are always appreciated by consumers and potential consumers when utilizing SMS marketing. Every now and again, instead of the constant sales marketing engagement, sending a happy birthday message, a sweet message, discounts add a human touch. It reminds people there’s a human being on the other side and it isn’t just a robot or an automatic message creator. To combat this, one of the most effective tips to use is personalize messages with names. Using a personal name is an instant gratification and helps your audience feel like they’re a part of your business. Achieving an effect of human touch helps in building rapport and makes individuals feel more emotionally and personally invested in the businesses.


Securing Leads

Securing leads is a monumental way SMS marketing will help the overall growth of your business. The number of people using their mobile devices today has increased exponentially in the last few years. As a business, taking advantage of the fact that more people are using their mobile devices to visit social media, surf the web, stay in communication is strategic. Today, we understand that most people prefer texting, so providing clickable links that draws mobile users to your platform is ideal. Doing this through text breaks down the most common barriers of going out of your way to go visit a website. As a business owner, you do majority of the work by providing a clickable link, which draws customers exactly where you want them to be.


Consistent Communication with Customers

SMS messaging is an effective way to stay in contact with customers and learn to personalize the consumer experience. Text messaging evokes the feeling of communicating with family, friends and loved ones, why not use this same belief to establish personal relationships with customers. The style of a typical two way conversation with inputs coming from both client and business. Taking approaches like appointment scheduling, presenting new information and offers and reaching out for consumer feedback and reviews are great ways to start the conversation. A large percentage of users admit to wanting this type of interaction with their favorite brands.


Increases Efficiency

Using available resources like Ask Bongo to send out text messages to customers is more time efficient than a phone call or an email. An average business to customer phone call lasts about 2 minutes and doing that multiple times a day becomes time consuming. Utilizing SMS marketing is a way to save time that can be allocated towards other tasks that are also beneficial to the business. SMS marketing reduces consumption of time through a single text message sent to multiple customers and this can be done while simultaneously completing other tasks. It is a way of effectively communicating with while remaining productive in other areas.


Team Member Communication

Not only for business to consumer interaction, but SMS messaging services like Ask Bongo can be used between members of the same team in business. SMS messaging services are used to alert employees in cases of emergency, seasonal greetings like holidays and birthdays and more. These business owner efforts are a sure to way improve team members’ retention and do so effectively. It gets the job of staying in contact with staff done and is quick and cost efficient. Playing to the personal experience feeling of team members communicating with business owners through text messaging feels more personally invested in the business, which improves productivity at work. A business where staff is more productive directly influences the success of the business.


Even with the rapid and monumental takeover of technology, individuals still understand that a fundamental aspect of life and business interaction is communication. Businesses achieving a way to use technology to effectively keep in contact with customers and team members is a success in itself. SMS messaging services has been a resourceful tool in helping helping business owners expand and grow their business to exceptional heights.


Author Bio: Adrian Rubin is a Philly photographer that uses SMS messaging to grow his business.

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