10 Good Mobile App Ideas for Startups

If you were asked to give at least three factors that determine the success of a startup, what will say? Am interested in what you will give us the first and perhaps the main factor. I asked friends this question and many fails. A recent study shows that at least 43% of startups fail. The same study indicates that many of them struggle and do not meet the expectations of the owners.

This is a worrying revelation. You may be having a strong desire to see your dreams coming true. Maybe you think of taking a personal loan and channel funds into a startup. You strongly believe the business will generate the needed cash and even help repay the loan. The chances of you succeeding are not as minimal as the abovementioned statistics made you feel. However, you need to be different. I mean you need to carry out things in an outstanding manner.

If success demands efforts, am assuring you the success of a startup requires concerted efforts. So what is it that you need to approach differently? Do not overthink here! The success of your startup significantly depends on ideas. Yes, unique ideas! That is why we thought it wise to discuss the 10 Good Mobile Application Ideas for Startups.

 You really need an inventive mobile application idea with the potential to offer clients answers to their needs. This will boost your chances of success. Clients need apps that will be useful to them when it comes to saving time, reducing costs and rationalizing their daily operations. Even though it appears that simple, am assuring you it is often challenging for startups to content these needs. And so use the following mobile app ideas that will bring success your way.

1.    A Budgeting App

One of the greatest challenges we face today is living within our means. Many people live paycheck to paycheck mainly because of poor financial habits. It is even problematic sometimes to track our spending. It will be very fitting to develop an app that will help people follow their budget to the extent possible.  The app should include ways solving common financial problems such as looking for an alternative source of income to supplement monthly earnings.

2.    Cab-hailing Application

We mentioned saving time and reducing costs. They say time is money and so an hour saved is worth more in monetary basis. That is why mobile apps such as Uber have gained popularity lately. They have actually revolutionized commuting. You only need a phone with an internet connection to get a cab irrespective of where you are. Since well-established companies have the best share in the market, designing a cab-hailing application is a nice opportunity to invest in. make your app even more profitable by including fundamental features for passenger safety.

3.    Social-Networking Application

Recent statistics indicate that the number of people with access to the internet is increasing each day. For this reason, it is important for businesses to maintain an online presence in order to boost their popularity, reliability and facilitate their market presence. Designing a social mobile app is a fantastic idea for entities to control their social media base from a commonplace is a very wonderful idea.

4.    Food delivery

I am one of those guys who sometimes get so busy as to lack time to go for meals in restaurants. But can someone spend the whole day without meals? I don’t think this can realistically happen. That is coming up with an app for food delivery and a good idea. We said the uniqueness of your ideas also matters a lot. Some include unique features such as the places individuals can order cheaply.

5.    Shopping App

Sounds funny but this is one of the best ideas for startups. The first place we often turn to when we want to purchase something is often on the internet. Why do you think Amazon appears top in the fobe’s list of most profitable companies across the world? So think of an idea such as deals & discounts mobile apps to inform people of the impending but best deal that might be interesting to them.

6.    Cooking Aid App

Like me, there many people out there who love cooking and will always look for different ways of using various ingredients. So think of designing an app that provides recipes and instructions for the lovers of cooking.

7.    Grocery App

Most people visit grocery shops once or twice a month. It is always easy to forget something very important or going for something you really did not intend to buy. A grocery app will augment people’s shopping experience.

8.    Travel App

Traveling has always been trending and will continue to be in fashion. Designing a travel app is thus a very nice idea you need to consider. Today individuals spend a lot of travel guides. Design the app that will show people the most popular and appropriate destinations across the world.

9.    Language Learning Application

One of the most exciting experiences is learning a new or foreign language through a mobile app. So then, create an app that shows interested people how to use certain words in the languages they interested with. Include features that show the accurate pronunciation of vocabularies as well as the frequently used words.

10.    Health and Fitness App

Today individuals are becoming more concerned about their health than ever. Nevertheless, maintaining a healthy routine is extremely challenging to most of us. Take advantage of this condition and design an app that will help individuals maintain healthy habits. This should include useful habits that will guarantee good health. Helping people to draft a proper fitness plan is an innovative idea that can earn you a lot of money.

The Bottom Line

There are so many beautiful mobile app ideas for startups. We have discussed at least the top 10 you can consider. Your success depends on ideas and how unique and innovative they are. Examine these 10 ideas and pick one that best suits your condition. The chances of succeeding are high. We wish you the best.

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