How to Replace the CMOS Bios Battery

How to replace the CMOS Bios Battery? Have you ever experienced any trouble while turning on your PC? It is something like your PC is unable to be booted and there is also a massage that the CMOS is error. There are actually many reasons why such a thing can happen. One of them is due to the CMOS battery that needs to be exchanged. There are also other signs that indicate this matter like the time setting that is started from the beginning. The problem is actually a common thing mainly if the PC has been used for many years. The best solution is to replace the CMOS battery that is probably already empty or unable to be used anymore with the new one. You should not worry since the process for a CMOS battery is not difficult. More than that, how to install it is also not difficult since the place which can be easily found without any special tools to have it done. So, are you interested to replace or install the CMOS battery yourself? Here are the steps you need to follow.

Releasing Some Components

First of all, of course, you must make sure that you have bought the new CMOS battery. There are some brands that produce it, one of them is Maxell. Besides, you also have to prepare a screwdriver that is used to gouge the battery. Then, you have to release some components commonly installed on your PC including the power cable, monitor and keyboard (it is if you use computer not laptop), as well as the mouse. You must be really careful in this point. Because of ground that is less quality, the casing can electrocute your skin. Next, you may release the casing of laptop or CPU carefully. You can look around all the inner parts to find the placement of CMOS battery. If there are cables that block you, it is better to remove it carefully without making them uninstalled from the socket.

Releasing and Installing the CMOS Battery

You can now start to remove or release the old CMOS battery using minus screwdriver that is small enough. There is already a small hole to gouge the battery provided in your laptop or CPU anyway. Therefore, you must not worry that it will damage the device. Make sure that you remember the position of CMOS when you release it so that you will not install the new one wrongly later. After the place for battery is empty, you can install the new battery. There is no need to use any tool and equipment. Just put it on the place and then push it gently so that the CMOS battery can be right in the socket.

Reinstalling All the Cables and Additional Devices

After you are sure that the CMOS battery is already installed well, you can now reinstall all the cables as well as other devices that have been released before. Again, you need to be really careful at this point. The cables must be right installed in the sockets provided. Indeed, when there is a cable that is cut down accidentally during the installment of battery, it can disturb the work of your computer as well. That’s why, it is mentioned earlier that you have to be really careful so that there is no any inner cable that is uninstalled accidentally. When you are already sure that there is no any problem within the inner part of your CPU or laptop, you can then put on the casing. Then, install all other additional devices like the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and others. Lastly, you can try to turn on the computer. If you find that your PC can work well after that, it means that the installment of CMOS battery is successful. But if there is still any problem, you have no any other choices except restarting all the process from the beginning. Lastly, check the time setting. You can go to the BIOS to reset the time if you think it is not already correct. Before using the PC as usual, you may restart it.

Other Suggestions

If you notice well, there are some kinds of CMOS battery that is layered by a metal clip or sometimes it is in the form of bar. The clip or bar is basically functioned to hold the battery and also protect it to keep it clean and clear. There is no need to do that anyway. Despite its function as the holder and protector, the metal can also be a part of the battery so that it can work well. Of course, removing it can just make the new CMOS battery become useless.

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