5 Reasons To Change Self Storage Facilities ASAP

Read about these 5 reasons you need to hot foot it to another self storage facility as soon as you can.

Self storage is an incredibly handy service used by domestic and business users for flexible, affordable storage space. It can be useful for a wide range of reasons because most people can always use some extra space.

If you’re already enjoying the benefits of self storage, you probably already appreciate how useful it is. What you might have not considered though, is moving self storage facilities. Just like moving home, many of us can move our things and then leave everything as it is, without ever re-evaluating. This can be problematic when you really could be getting a better deal elsewhere.

To check you have the best possible self storage arrangement, consider these 5 reasons to change your facility ASAP:

1. You’ve Moved

If you have moved location and you’re now travelling much further to your cheap self storage unit, the chances are your life will be easier if you relocate to a unit closer to where you are now. Ideally, you can get there within around 10 to 30 minutes and you avoid heavy traffic areas. If it is taking you longer than 30 minutes from home or your workplace, look for a facility closer to you.

2. You Can Get Better Security Elsewhere

The best self storage facilities should be equipped with a really good level of security measures. CCTV, lighting, reception services, gating, lock points and security guards are all great signs a facility wants to keep your belongings protected.

3. The Customer Service Isn’t Up To Scratch

It may be that the customer service isn’t very friendly or helpful at the facility. This can be OK if you’re never there, but if you are there regularly then it isn’t ideal. Enquire at some other units and see how their customer service compares. If you feel more comfortable and supported elsewhere, consider moving.

4. There Are Outstanding Issues

Well maintained cheap self storage should be pest-free, clean and in good shape. If you have noticed signs of pests, cobwebs, dirt and other issues around the facility that show no signs of being dealt with, it could be time to move. Keeping your belongings in great shape requires that the place they are stored is also in great shape. If the facility seems to be in a bad way, consider moving asap.

5. The Flexibility You Need Just Isn’t There

The best self storage facilities offer a range of flexibility options, including the ability to move units at short notice, and the ability to terminate contracts easily. If you aren’t getting the flexibility you need, perhaps it is time to move. One of the best aspects of cheap self storage is flexibility, so you really should be able to benefit from it as much as possible.

Moving storage facilities isn’t something that anybody wants to do lightly. However, if you want to get the very best out of this service, you have to ensure you are at the best facility for your needs. If you’re not, shop around ASAP.

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