How to clean your car’s interior quickly and efficiently?

How to clean the interior of a car? A shiny car is a pride of every driver – that’s a matter of fact. Although, we often forget that what matters isn’t only visible from the outside. Even if your car’s body has no blemish, your comfort depends largely on the interior’s condition.

That’s why the inside of your car also deserves some cleanup – from time to time, of course. Dust, stains, sand. After some time, all these things cover your car’s interior and affect travelling comfort. How to wash the inside of a car fast and with ease? Discover the simplest and proven option step by step.

What can I use to clean the inside of my car?

First of all – clear out all the trash. Think about whether these things will ever be useful for you, and have no mercy! Throw away any bottles and empty food wraps, check the boot, area next to the gearbox, all compartments and space under the seats.

When you’re face to face with an empty car now, it’s the proper time to think about collecting the right tools. So let’s start with equipment. What’s needed to clear the inside of your car efficiently and quickly? Maybe it’s surprising, but you don’t need as many things as you might think. What will be useful for sure?

  • Vacuum cleaner – the key to success. It’s best to choose a handy and small one. But if you don’t want to spend money, your domestic vacuum cleaner will be enough – but make sure that you have proper vacuum cleaner nozzles. Preferably small, long and narrow.
  • Microfiber cloths – and a lot of them. They’re absorbent, so they don’t smear dirt, but keep it inside themselves. In addition, thanks to their softness, they’re suitable for cleaning any surface – even the most delicate one.

How to use microfiber cloth on car? You can put a cleaning agent on them or simply moisten them with water – they’ll easily handle dirt without causing harm.

  • Brush – optionally. It can be useful during cleaning your floor mats and other surfaces, which are durable and difficult to scratch.

When it comes to the detergents – it all depends on the materials we want to clean. It’s worth choosing agents dedicated to specific surfaces. Although on the market, you can find many universal and all-purpose cleaning detergents – carefully read information contained on the labels. It’s obvious that different solutions are dedicated to leather, and different to plastic or glass. Sometimes universality is not the best solution.

How to clean a car interior – in 5 steps?

 How to wash the inside of your car? Let’s switch to the action and do it in a proper order.

1. Remove all floor mats and clean them from dust and sand. Shake them out and clean with water and detergent. If necessary, scrub them with a brush to remove more persistent dirt.

2. Time for a big vacuum! What’s possible and as accurately as possible – seats, trunk, floor. Remember about any gaps and get into crevices. If you have an animal and you meet some difficulties with removing the remains of its fur, bring a rubber glove or a lint roller and gather it manually.

3. Bring an all-purpose microfiber cloth. Choose a proper cleaning agent or just moisture it with water. Remove all the dust and dirt from your steering wheel, console and gear stick  area.

4. Think about the inside of the doors. Clean the interior windows with a glass cleaner and dry them with microfiber cloth. Then take a new cloth and thoroughly wipe the fabric covering the inside of the doors. Don’t forget about the handles.

5. Give a lot of attention to the car upholstery. If the seats are stained, use special cleaners. Thoroughly wash them with an agent and microfiber cloth, getting rid of all dirt and bad smell. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How to clean the interior of a car? Just like that – fast, efficiently and effectively! What’s left? Remember to open the door to let your car’s interior dry – don’t let moisture appear inside your car. Put a car freshener and now – you’re ready for the next trip in your clean and shiny vehicle! And here we go!

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