4 common mistakes you should avoid while using FCL shipping for your precious cargo

Before you ship your precious cargo goods by FCL, you must have a proper understanding of the concept of FCL to manage your shipping effectively. FCL, which implies Full Container Load, is a term used to define a standard form of shipping freight. It has certain benefits because of which many shippers use this mode to transport their cargo. However, if you are not aware of its steps and shipping procedures in general, then you are bound to commit some mistakes.

Especially if you are shipping precious cargo goods via FCL, you need to be careful. It also raises the question of how will you get yourself prepared to avert common mistakes while using FCL shipping. To avoid common mistakes while using FCL shipping for shipment of your precious cargo, you can follow some of the points that are mentioned below.        


Four Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using FCL Shipping for Your Precious Cargo:

Avoid Detention Charges-

When you order for FCL shipments for shipping your precious cargo, try to avoid detention charges. In FCL shipment, the container is rented by the shipper for the shipment of goods after which it needs to be returned to the carrier within a specified time. These are the cases where the demurrage or detention charges come into the equation while shipping goods via FCL. The cut off time provided by FCL is generally two days; therefore, if the goods or freights have not been unloaded within the stipulated time, it will cost you extra charges.

The transportation of precious goods always involves additional import duty charges. Therefore, if you do not unload the carrier within the stipulated time, it will cost you extra charges on the shipment of precious goods. Apart from bearing detention charges, leaving your precious cargo for a long time can lead to the loss of goods for which FCL won’t provide any compensation. To avoid the detention charges, you can also request for an extended free time.               

Provide a Detailed Location-

If you are shipping precious cargo, you always need to be extra careful whether you want to opt for FCL or any other method of shipment. You should provide a pre-detail delivery instruction to your inland carrier. The same detail should also be shared in brief with the FCL carrier to avoid the loss of your precious goods. If you do not share the requisite information of where to dispatch your cargo, then chances are that it will be left in a generalized location. These can also cost you a lot if your precious cargo gets lost.

The best way to handle your precious cargo when shipping through FCL is that you provide all the detail about its dispatch location. In this way, it will not only save you from the risk of loss but also helps to keep a complete track of the precious goods. Also, try to have a backup plan if the port is congested so that it can be a lifesaver during the time of emergency.        

Ensure all Documentation is Available and Accurate-

Border inspection and detention of goods can be costly and unpredictable, especially if you do not have any previous idea about them. Besides, if you are importing via an FCL shipment, you can keep the container for a fixed time, that is, two days. If the inspection time exceeds, you need to pay extra for the late return of the container. Therefore, the best way to avoid this trouble is to ensure that all documentation is accurate and available.

Having proper documentation will help you to avert the risk of detention of your precious cargo. In this way, you can also ensure the timely return of the container in case of FCL shipments.   

Check the Freight Transit Times-

Before opting for any medium of transit for shipment of your precious cargo, check the freight transit times. You can go through the shipping quotes in detail before making a decision. However, if you opt for FCL shipment for shipping your precious goods, then, check the arrival time from your FCL forwarder. In general, the transfer process is faster in FCL, and it also provides better security. However, you need to be acquainted with the estimated time of arrival and the estimated time of delivery so that you can keep a proper track of your goods.


To Conclude

While availing an FCL shipping service for shipping for your precious cargo goods, try to keep yourself updated with the latest updates regarding the shipping procedures & keep all the relevant documents ready. Form a proper understanding and ensure that you can avoid the loopholes. Also, check with your forwarder and arrange necessary documents as it will help you in proper management and handling of your precious goods when shipping via FCL.

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