Top Procreate Brushes for lettering and calligraphy

Procreate is love of the people who use it frequently for their projects. You have an endless number of options, great designs, etc. What pleases people most about Procreate is the freeness for innovation. Calligraphy and lettering are something that is very common in any design and therefore also plays a role to make the matter or the poster or design to look elegant.

So now if you are thinking to add more procreate brushes to your gallery and try something new, then we have brought a range of the best free procreate brushes for you. Also some with a low cost are also mentioned. 

These procreate brushes cover everything from brushing, lettering, painting to calligraphy. All of theseare created by talented group of designers from all around the world. They possess high quality and therefore would definitely assist you in your creativity to take it to the next level.

Now let’s see some of the best brushes for procreate app and then move to some which are premium yet not so costly. 

1. Comic ink procreate brush set

This is the first one in the list of procreate brushes. The designer of this brush is Georg’s brushes. This is the best procreate brush to give a great effect to your comics or even if you want to give a funny and vibrant touch to your text. You will find 16 Procreate brushes in the set that are mostly for inking and social effects. So, this pack from Georg’s brushes is a house full for everyone.  Most of the sites offer it for free but they also say that you can make donations for it.

2. Lettering procreate brush set

This is second in the list of procreate brushes. It is by a very talented designer Abbie Nurse.  This is absolutely a perfect model for lettering brushes for Procreate. It would cover everything for you like it would provide you with woodcut and shrub effects which you can do with the help of a Halloween worm brush available in the set. Who won’t try something this amazing and the plus point that it is absolutely available for free? 

3. Grain brushes for procreate

The third in the list of procreate brushes is grain brushes for procreate by designer MiksKS.  These brushes are produce ofPixelbuddha website. There are 12 brushes for procreate in this set that would help you to add a grunge effect to your work. Although it is absolutely free there is an additional requirement that you will need to subscribe the website for downloading them.

4. Procreate expression:

It is not from the set of proreate brushes but its definitely not costly at all. It comes at a cost of $0.99 and is designed by a fabulous artist DaubBrushes.You will find here about 166 tools in this set that will help you enhance your work by giving it a depth and character like no other design. You will absolutely be mesmerized by its set of acrylics, oils, washes and dry media. The best part is that, the textures and nibs you will find are created from real media and also they are made it such a way that they are most comfortable with apple Pencil and iPad Pro, they are fined,corrected and edited to a great level. If you want to feel on a electronic device that you are painting for real, then this pack would definitely not let you down. 

5. Mid centuryprocreate brush pack

This one is definitely costly to that which are mentioned above. But I added this to the list as it has price has significantly dropped from $19 to $12. Its designer is one and only RetroSupply. If you want to make illustrations, do lettering and calligraphy in a mid-century theme, this pack covers everything for you. This pack contains 15-brush Procreate. You will find gouache, ink, pencil, pen, halftone, and grain Procreate brushes here that is absolutely everything you will need to give an effect of mid-century-style to your illustrations. You can create a lot of things with its help like vintage children’s books, 1960s advertising,and retro art. 

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