List of 5 Best Time Tracker App For iPhone


The list of best time tracker apps for iPhone and other mobile platforms are unlimited and the best time tracker app can be selected as per your preference. However, firstly you should be aware that you do you need a time tracker app. Time tracker is essential, as I will help you to solve some of the significant issues. The time that you have spent on a task can be tracked easily. Making mental notes or writing the stuff can track the time but when you have powerful and best time tracker apps for iPhone which can tell you how much time has gone and that too very easily why take the load.  

Here is the list of the some best time tracker apps for iPhone:


Hubstaff is the best time tracker app which is simple to use and have the ability to use GPS location monitoring along with generating automatic payroll. It can simply track your time from your iPhone when you are on the move and manage the time online of your team and your efficiency. It is very accurate and tracks down the time to second. Importantly the time tracked is available in online timesheets and reports. The best part is it is a multiple platform solution which not only runs on iOS but also on Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac. It easily integrates with more than thirty plus project management softwares which makes it easier for employers to track the performance of their employees, tasks and projects.

2. Timeworks: Mobile Billing Lite

The app is used to track time, manage projects, bills, expenditure as well as to maintain the records of the customers. It can further be used to store notes and timesheets relevant to all the project task. It can even be utilized to customize different rates for different jobs or projects. It has multiple currency support and accepts credit cards through Credit Card Terminal integration. It even computes taxes and discounts.

3. Timesheet- Time Hours Tracker

It allows to track the hours of work and helps to make payment with ease. It has the timer and can help you to access time entries. It can help in tracking multiple projects at variant rates. It has the added feature that it can track the time even when the app is not running. It also supports the Apple watch.

4. Hours Keeper

This app works with versions of iOS 9.0 or above. It has a simple user interface and can be used to track time for multiple clients. It also has the option for real-time earnings. It can be used to prepare monthly and weekly timesheets. You can download invoice as PDFs too while using this app. It has an interesting way of presenting the earnings reports, and it configures the overtime and breaks for time tracking. It also monitors the billing and payments. One can use the app to export the CSV data.

5. Hours Tracker

Hours Tracker works with iOS 9.3 or the later. It works with iPhone, Apple watch as well as allows manual time entries. It tracks the payments, mileage and tips within the app. It can also include the time entries with comments that can be included in the reports. It has a “start clock at” feature in case one forgets to start. It is widely used by freelancers as well as hourly workers to track their time. It is quite easy to use, provides detailed reports for the breaks and pauses taken in between the work.

In case you are looking for any time tracking app for iPhone, feel free to use any of the above-listed apps. The best one is Hubstaff app, but the rest are also decent ones to try as a time tracker.

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