4 Tips for Renewing your Home this New Year

As the New Year has knocked at the door, so has new goals, wishes, and resolutions for the upcoming year. While many concentrate on improving personal skills and achieving new career heights, others focus on the surroundings and how to renew them. And by surroundings, we mostly mean home as it is the second place (after work) where we spend most of our time. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a new IKEA sofa bed cover or a green plant – even the smallest detail can freshen up the home interior. Are you ready for changes? Then let’s get started the mission “New Year – new home”!

Make Home Greener

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to freshen up your home is to decorate it with green plants. New Year is the perfect time to buy a new plant, for instance, think about simple and not so much care requiring eucalyptus, cactus or succulents. Even though they’re not fancy-looking plants, they contribute to minimalistic home décor and, more importantly, eucalyptus smells very nice.

If you don‘t want to commit to plants just yet (as they require long term commitment), think about bouquets of fresh flowers in a stylish vase that matches your IKEA sofa bed cover or painting above it. Bouquets are great as you can make personal flower arrangements and change them any time you want. In this way, your home will always smell differently.

Add Some Lighting

Lighting can change the space drastically and all you need is a simple floor lamp. Especially if you have a dark corner you can lighten up. Also, if you already have a floor lamp, you can take it from one room and bring it to another. This simple method doesn‘t cost a penny, yet your chilling spot will look brand new!

In general, moving things around and changing their places throughout the home is always a great idea if you seek to make changes in your interior. You can apply the same rule to decorations, plants or any other movable objects in your home.

Brand New Bed Covers

Fresh new IKEA sofa bed cover (assuming there are no more homes without IKEA furniture in it) or bed, armchair and many other furniture covers can make wonders. It‘s not only great in renewing the interior, but it also provides the feeling of coziness and warmth.

After you change the covers, don‘t forget the beddings too. Is there anything better than sleeping on fragrant, soft and fresh sheets? To make it even more pleasurable, you can add some lavender or eucalyptus oil spray on the bed.

Accent Furniture

This tip, unfortunately, will require a bit of investment into your interior design, but it will greatly complement a room‘s decor. And by investment we mean either buying new furniture or getting IKEA sofa bed cover – the choice is yours. For instance, you can buy several small tables that are covered with unique paintings or have other interesting details. They will draw the attention and your interior will not look the same as before.

Or you can simply try a new cover – furniture covers with unique prints can make perfect accent furniture. This way, you won‘t need to change your beloved sofa, armchair or bed, instead, you will simply renew it with IKEA sofa bed cover.

Do you already feel pumped up about your “New Year – new home“ plan? Great! Now all you need to do is to complete all the steps mentioned above and take a closer look at your new home. Let it be your inspiration to change and improve throughout the year.

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