The Best Way to Pack and Prepare Clothing for Shipping and Delivery

If you are a business and you have made it a point to offer clothing to your customers, it goes without saying that you need to know how to pack and prepare clothing for proper shipping and delivery. This is especially important if you are offering worldwide shipping – who knows what kind of customs and border control procedures your parcels have to go through before they reach your customers? And whilst the idea of preparing and packing clothing may be easy, there is a particular way to do it – and only those who have been doing it for a long time will be able to confirm this. So how do you make sure that your clothing is properly packed and prepared for shipping and delivery? Here’s how.

Fold it correctly

Whether you are sending clothing items such as shirts or blouses, jerseys, shorts or trousers, there is a proper way of folding each article of clothing. The best thing you can do for this is to check the Internet for folding tutorials; these are plentiful. The point is, make sure that the clothing is as flat as possible and ensure that it is in the proper shape to be placed in a box or bag. It is also ideal for you to make use of tissue paper, so your item doesn’t end up becoming too creased during the shipping process. This also helps secure sharp or loose parts or portions of the item, such as zips, buttons, belts, or other embellishments.

Choose the right container

We all know that clothing can come in various sizes and shapes, which means that you can essentially choose between a box or bag when shipping it. If you are planning to send one single piece of clothing or small clothing items such as baby clothes, you can probably use a bag such as a jiffy bag. Jiffy bags come in different sizes as well. If you have your own polythene or plastic bags, just make doubly sure that they are strong; avoid overfilling them too. But if you are sending a high-end clothing item or something that could benefit from good packaging, it’s best to use professionally-made and designed packaging supplies London specialists such as UK Packaging produce. It also gives a good impression if you can use a nicely made box for your customers.

If you are planning to send heavier or larger items of clothing, such as trousers, jackets, and jerseys, it’s best to use a sturdy and strong box. Bear in mind that the garments may be heavier than you think, so it’s best to be sure that the box you choose is able to handle the weight of the items inside. It’s not recommended that you re-use a container or box, but if you are doing so, make sure it is still sturdy enough and check the outside for labels which are still stuck on it, as this can lead to the box being shipped to the wrong address. You don’t need to use packaging materials such as bubble wrap for your clothing items, but it would be a good idea to wrap the clothing in tissue paper, as mentioned above, or wrap it in a waterproof material such as plastic.

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