How to Fix Your Connection is Not Private Properly for Chrome and Firefox

Using SSL connection is a popular option because it is user-friendly. One of the reasons is because SSL connection providing the user with automatic information. For instance, there is common information such as your connection is not private when there is something wrong with the SSL connection. So, what do you have to do to fix the problem? The detail below helps to solve the problem safely.

Steps to Fix Connection is Not Private in Chrome

Anytime you take SSL service from a trusted provider, you will get a certificate. The certificate is used for various purposes including solving this kind of problem. Now, try to open the website where the problem appears and open the security overview. For Windows and Linux Operating System users, just press Ctrl + Shift + I whereas for Mac Operating System users just press Cmd + Opt + I. The command is used to open the DevTool window. By the time the DevTool window is open, find the Security tab. Now, you have to find the certification information. To check the certificate information, search the View Certificate tab and press it. The main information you can get is the information about the expired date of the certificate. The problem appears might be because the certificate has been expired. The best way to fix the problem is renewing the expired certificate.

Steps to Fix Connection is Not Private in Firefox

How about if your connection is not private sign appears on Firefox? The step is similar in which you have to check the SSL certificate first. The way to check the SSL certificate is by pressing the advanced button. BY the time you press the button there will be a sign appears on the website. The information shows to you the expired date of the certificate along with the error code. After finding the problem, you just need to renew the certificate and try to open your website. If there no other problems and you have renewed the certificate, the website will run well just like before.

Fix the Connection is Not Private with Curl

You may also use Curl to solve the problem. Just make sure that you already have the Curl software before starting the process. If it is not, you have to install the Curl software first. When the software is ready, you can start the process by opening the terminal or cmd. Now, type the command, curl –vvI The command leads you to the complete information about the SSL certificate.

Fix the Connection is Not Private with SSL Labs

SSL Labs is also a great tool to check your SSL certificate and fix some problems related to the connection. The strength of SSL tool is the ability to show some issues which might not be displayed in the browser. The common problem which not displayed is the incomplete chain and the SSL tool is able to show it. Indeed, the tool will detect the cause of your connection is not private so you can fix it right away.

The Causes of Connection is Not Private Problem

Actually, expired certificate is not the only thing which makes your SSL connection in trouble. A specific error such as mixed content is also the cause which disturbing the SSL connection. The main problem is on the non-SSL certificate external scripts. The thing to do to solve the problem is by changing the URL of the external resource to https. If you don’t know how to fix it properly, you may ask the vendor to help you. The point is that finally, you know how to fix your connection is not private whether for Chrome or Firefox.           


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