How to Make Your Restaurant Business More Profitable

The restaurant business is one of those trades where it’s all about hitting the right balance and those who have been in the game long enough, know how and when to adapt and when not to jump on the hype train. In case you have a restaurant that isn’t seeing as much revenue as you think it should, you are probably missing something that is keeping the business from becoming more profitable. On that note, let’s go through the following points to see if they can’t help you figure out the problem.

The Magic of Combo Meals

Combo meals make things simpler for customers and it is a superb way to provide value for the money your customers are paying, as well as for increasing sales. However, you must also provide them with the option to make slight alterations to those combos, so that the customer can customize a combo meal that makes more sense to them and gives them a sense of control over the order. If you are already serving combination meals, try to offer more options in the most popular segments of your menu.

Offer the Same Dish in Different Portions

The easiest way to do this is to offer half and full plates of dishes that might be too much in quantity for a small number of customers, but not enough when there’s a group sitting at the table. You would be surprised how much more people order when they feel that they are not ordering too much food and spending money on a dish that they wouldn’t be able to finish.

Invest in a Quality POS System

If you don’t already have an updated point of sale system in your restaurant, you should try CAKE; it’s a one-stop solution for streamlining your restaurant and increasing your profits in the process. CAKE just about handles everything from guest management, POS and payment processing to online ordering. Even if you have an older generation POS system in place, you probably need to replace it with something better to see a positive change in your profit margin and sales numbers.

Your Own Reward System

Back in Q2 2013, Starbucks saw an incredible boost in profits (26%) and they attributed this impressive result to their My Starbucks Rewards Loyalty Program, which they had just launched back then. You can start something similar as well and even though it will cost you some money to maintain it, chances are that the resulting sales made from the program will more than make up for the extra cost. You can either take the traditional route with membership cards, coupons, punch cards, etc. or launch a smartphone app of your own on the Play Store and the App Store for your customers to download and become part of the loyalty program.

Aside from implementing what you have just read, it might also be a good idea to start a local delivery system of your own or sign up with a food delivery business. You may not know it, but there are a lot of people who would not mind ordering food from restaurants but would rather not come to the establishment because they don’t have anybody to come with at that time.

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