Why to go with Custom Eyelash Packaging For Your Business In 2021?

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The beauty industry is rapidly changing and growing. False eyelashes are a part of many makeup enthusiasts’ makeup routines today. Individual lashes are also being opted for by many people around the world. This translates to a boom in business and a rising customer base. But it also means more competition. Making your business stand out becomes a great responsibility that would determine the success or failure of your business.

success or failure

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So if you are thinking of starting a business in eyelash sales, you need to add custom eyelash packaging to the list of services you offer. The packaging should add to your brand value and should enable you to market your services.

Any private label eyelash business would stand out if they offer customized eyelash packaging. Many vendors provide custom eyelash packaging, but you need to pick one that will go well with your idea of the presentation of your product. The packaging options would vary based on design, durability, price, material, and size. Choose one according to your budget and requirements.

If you are getting a good deal from your eyelash vendor, you should order customized boxes. There are many reasons why custom eyelash packaging would work well for your brand. These are as follows:

1. Protecting your Product

Let’s begin with an obvious and practical explanation. Eyelashes are fragile. As a new business, you do not want to deliver a possibly damaged product to your customer. If the client is based overseas, you have to ensure that your product is protected against cargo damage. In case that happens, the chances are you’ve lost that customer forever. Instead of risking damage during shipping, send over a product that is packaged so that it will reach your client in pristine condition.

If you opt for custom packaging, you are opting for quality, and your customer will see that too. Any custom eyelash packaging comes with lamination, which will protect your product from detrimental weather conditions. Moreover, packages have a see-through side more often than not, which would ensure that the product is in good condition before you ship them off.

2. Marketing for your Brand

The very aim of customizing your eyelash products is to provide them a uniqueness that will subsequently be associated with your brand. Most eyelash vendors offer options with numerous variations you can choose from when it comes to packaging.

Apart from using your brand and logo (ensure that you have a distinctive logo, try making a logo yourself, or hire someone to do it), you can distinguish your brand from rivals by choosing to present your product in a style unique to you. Customers like when they are surprised by something they were not expecting. A way to make sure your product stands out will be to do so through packaging.

It will be a source of free marketing as the customer would not only receive your lashes in perfect condition, but they will also remember your brand name for future reference. And if word-of-mouth is to be accounted for, the packaging will help you get on the map. You will be recommended further if you offer quality service, so make sure that your package has some contact information as well.

3. To Provide an Experience

Shopping is no longer done just to get necessities. Sure, e-commerce has made our lives easier, but if the experience were not pleasant, people would not keep returning to shop online. The idea that a package would soon arrive and would have to be unpacked adds to the allure of online shopping.

When you put yourself in a seller’s place, you realize that you are selling an experience. Sure, your top priority should be your product and the quality you are offering to your customers. But if you slack in packaging, your customer would be the one to notice.

There Is a reason why small businesses focus on the personalization and customization of their products. If they did not, they could not hope to hold up against the many multinational corporations. Add to your product and gift your customers an unboxing experience.

4. To Add other Trinkets

As said above, new businesses are focussing more on adding a personal touch to their products. It is done to make the customer feel special and valued. It distinguishes your brand and helps build customer loyalty. Consider adding a short handwritten note of thanks with the client’s name inside the package. It works wonders for your business.

Other than trinkets, you can add another set of false lashes inside the package as many boxes have set places in them to accommodate more lashes. You can ship off more than just on repair in a box, reducing your packaging cost significantly. If such a place isn’t available, you can opt for a design that comes with an allotted place setting for more lashes.


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Custom Eyelash Packaging is a simple business decision that you should strongly consider if you are not doing it already. The Eyelash business is already a rising industry that is expected to grow in the coming years. With more and more customers opting for false eyelashes, you have the chance to build a global customer base. If you have realized the potential of profit this creates for you, it would be great for your business to distinguish your product further.

Whether it is packing false lashes or an individual lash extension kit, you cannot let the opportunity to market your product go. With unique presentations and designs, custom packaging options will attract customers and make your existing customers stay. The unboxing experience when their package arrives in the mail would allow for their anticipation to build. Since the packaging ensures that the product arrives in perfect condition, the customer’s expectations would be met, and you would have a loyal customer.

And this would all be because you opted for eyelash packaging. A small decision can have lasting effects on your business.

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