Bentsur Joseph Says A2Z Advanced Solutions Plan on Entering Civilian Robotics Market – 4 Takeaways for Tech Geeks

When we think about robotics, we often think about companies like General Dynamics and bots that have human and animal like forms. While those make interesting topics of discussions for futurist about their possible implementation, a different class of robots is already hard at work. We are talking about practical robotic platforms that already in use in defence and civilian sectors. The robots that are “taking jobs away.” This post is about those everyday robots and about a company that uses robotic solutions to save lives. 

A2Z Advanced Solution is an Israeli robotics firm that till now specialized in making robotic platforms for IDF and the Israel Police. Their current product offering includes a bomb disposal unit, an unmanned firefighting robot, and a versatile counter-terrorism unit that can perform various combat roles. The company also provides technical support and maintenance services to its long list of clients who use robotic solutions.

This is where things get interesting. In a recent conference in Yavne, Israel, the company’s global headquarters, CEO Bentsur Joseph announced that the company is going to enter the civilian market in Canada. If you think this is not big news, then remember that Boeing started off as a company that sold to the US Navy way back in 1917. Their experience catering to the military allowed them to introduce technologies that were relevant to the commercial aviation industry. Now, they are one of the biggest manufacturers of commercial airliners.

A2Z Advanced Solutions already has over 30 years of experience creating robotics solutions for the Israel Defence Forces. This means when they finally enter the civilian space, they are likely to introduce brand new prototypes and solutions.

Being an established defence manufacturer, the company enjoys a steady stream of revenue from existing defence contracts. They also have a product line can be retrofitted to create platforms specific to industries.  

4 Key Takeaways for Tech Nerds and Robotics Enthusiasts

If you are wondering how to process this news, then here are 4 key takeaways. 

Brand New Robotics Platforms and Prototypes

As mentioned earlier, the company is likely to introduce new robotic platforms specific to different industries. Defence companies often have a resource of patented and secret technologies. The company’s experience in engineering robotic solutions for the Israel military, will allow them to introduce new concepts and units that solve real world problems. 

The company may introduce platforms to take on high-risk jobs in mining, construction, fire fighting, and security.

Finally, A Robotics Company That’s Hear to Stay

Most tech geeks know not to get too excited about new robotics companies. Robotics startups often showcase their big ideas and then they fall short because of budgetary limitations. A lot of robotics firms also go belly up without making it past the initial hype phase. 

A2Z Advanced Solutions has more financial strength than most robotics startups. It’s the existing flow of revenue from defence contracts that gives it the financial stability most startups lack. This means there is a high likelihood that the company is going to survive the initial hurdles before sinking its teeth deep in the civilian robotics industry. 

Introduction of Tech Solutions that Save Lives

A2Z Advanced Solutions is less likely to introduce concept products that serve little to no practical purpose. The company is also highly unlikely to engineer robotics solutions for average consumers. 

They are far more likely to create platforms that are practical from an industrial standpoint. These robotic units will take over high-risk jobs and thus invariably save human lives on a daily basis. 

A Brighter Future for Robotics Engineers

A lot of people suffer from the belief that robotics innovations end up taking jobs. However, no one really talks about all the new jobs that are created thanks to the introduction of robots in the workplace. The entry of A2Z Advanced Solutions is good news for Robotics engineers as the company’s expansion into the civilian space is likely to create more jobs. 

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