Best Music Apps for Android 2020

Best Music Apps for Android 2020

Music fans are gradually increasing, and a music player is an essential part of any android phone. So it is need of the time to have the best music free apps on your mobile phones so that you can enjoy your favorite music to the full extent. It isn’t easy to have all your favorite music in a single android phone, but a good free music app can make a collection of songs for you. We will discuss the best music apps for android and will you give better suggestion to learn music online or from any local academy and LVL Music Academy is one of the music academy to learn from basic to advanced; maybe you know about a few of these apps.

Music Player

Music Player is a commonly used app for android, and it is easily available. It has a very simple and appealing user interface. This app is the collection of almost all songs classic, pop, and latest. You can easily use audio and video modes. You can arrange the songs alphabetically, by date, and by singer name or artist. Background themes are also available, and you can also customize any theme of your choice.

Key Features

  • Have multiple theme widgets
  • Audio and Video modes
  • Have headset and Bluetooth control
  • Have search bar
  • Almost 20 customize backgrounds

PI Music Player

It is the most preferred app for music lovers, and it contains almost all features essential for music fans. You can find the latest and classic collection of songs in it. Moreover, every latest song is automatically added to the playlist. This app also has amazing features, including 3D audio effects. Themes and layouts are customized. Some features are listed below:

Important Features

  • Have a lot of audio and podcasts
  • Provides themes and lock screen control
  • Supports 3D effect
  • Sleep timing is an amazing feature
  • Ringtone Cutter is the most desirable feature
  • Any song can be easily searched.


Spotify is the king of all best music apps because it has almost all the features included in any best music app. Spotify mod APK has various and latest functions that can enhance your interest and zeal in music to the full extent. You can access any music and podcast from the world’s whole, and it is the best feature of Spotify mod APK. You can discover your desired music and podcast and also can make a collection of your songs. You can quickly send your music with your friends and social media. In Spotify mod APK, you can search for music via alphabetically, singer, genre, date, and album. You can also modify your playlist as you like.

Special Features

  • Discover and music and podcast
  • Latest and customized themes
  • Every latest collection of songs
  • New songs are automatically added to the playlist.

Pulsar Music Player

It is also an amazing music app, and your experience with it will be awesome. You can edit the playlist with your own and can handle its layout and themes. The important feature of that app has no advertisement that can create problems. Pulsar Music Player has a sleep timer, easy to use, and an ad-free application. Some other features are given below:

Key Features

  • Ads free app
  • Gapless Playback and Crossfade support
  • Lyrics Display has provided
  • Have google voice support
  • Included Sleep Timer

JetAudio HD Music Player

One of the best music android apps is JetAudio HD Music Player. It has a variety of different songs that can be shared with your friends and family via Wifi. You can also make and edit your playlist.Sound quality is the best feature of this app, and you can also customize themes and layout on your own. If you get all songs on a single platform, then JetAudio Music Player is a great choice.

Special Features

  • Have clear and awesome sound quality
  • Provides two lock screens
  • Have notification and search bars
  • Provides almost all types of music
  • Awesome Themes and Layouts


Soundcloud also one of the most desirable and famous music android apps. If you listen to any live music in SoundCloud, one of the app’s special features saves automatically to your playlist. You do not need to download the songs. You can find multiple songs, podcasts, audiobooks, and hip-hop songs. You can also share music with anyone and anytime. Some special features are listed below:

Important Features

  • Provides almost 150 million different songs and podcasts
  • You can share music which is sung by you
  • Auto-updates and new songs are added automatically
  • Provides suggestions

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