Solartab Really Charges Your Mobile Device with Sunlight Power

Solartab may not be the first mobile device that combines battery and solar panel earned energy to live. However, it becomes one of few that really knows how solar power works and transforms and how to catch it and take the most benefits from it. If you like the idea, this detail will amuse you more.

The Design

Solartab is a premium phone and other mobile devices battery charger, and is considered the best so far by using green technology in most flexible way possible. It looks and felt like a tablet. The dimension is 11 inches, or 9.7 inches wide, 7.6 depth, and 0.35 inches height. It’s about 2.65 lb. This is heavy and big enough, and it makes it looks nicer. However, the dimension seems like a waste of space inside considering this huge device is for charging only.

solartab design

The frame is machine aluminum frame. It uses glass top on the screen, and it has several embedded electronics on it, which is why it looks like a waste in some ways. The device is also completed with foldable cover. It enables you to change the position into four different angles, and five including the flat angle. It can be electronically charged too and it has more than enough USB ports. It looks sleek and high tech, and it has the entire ports and functions we may need.

Solar Experience

Even though it can be charged electronically, the idea of recharging the charger using sunlight is what on offer here. The option will perfect when you have the right charging angle in catching the solar light. Considering the longitude, this device is completed with foldable cover. The fold options offer four different angles. It has 17, 25, 37, and 54 degrees angle. Your job will be adjusting as the sunlight direction. Direct facing is suggested as the best position to get the maximum energy. With overhead sun, flat position will be your best chance.

Solartab Experience

There is another suggestion telling you to make sure that you position the Solartab where there is no obstruction between your device and the sunlight. Fortunately, you will not go blind on this. This device will shine the indicator when it is charged. Under a shade, the blinking will not as bright. You will notice bright blink on the LED lights when there is no obstruction creating shade. You will also like the resume charging circuit that allows you to charge back the device right after a cloud passes after a while. You don’t need to restart it as with other devices of the kind.

Battery Life

Solartab battery alone is already 13,000 mAh. This battery capacity is enough for power user goal, let alone charging your mobile devices. The USB port makes sure that you can charge other device in moderate level, 5 W/1.5 A. It means you will need to charge your smartphone over night for tomorrow use. But in emergency, this device should support you enough.

Solartab battery life

Unlike other chargers that deliver only around 75% of its total capacity, Solartab promises you 85% of the capacity. To give you clear picture, the ful charges are 3.4 for Samsung Galaxy Note 5, 2.4 for 7 inches Kindle Fire HDX, and 6.6 of Apple iPhone 6S. Considering the portability and size, Solartab charges in pretty fine way.

In sum, this device meets almost every requirement you need. It is properly function in fancy and most green way you ever know. In addition to it, this looks so damn stylish and the design is comfortable, making it flexible and easy to use. Nothing on green technology is this cool. Thank God it’s finally here.

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