3 Major Flow Meters that Businesses Use

Measuring the flow of liquids and gases is not only essential for the optimum performance and efficiency of pipelines or tubes but used for larger systems and businesses as well. The flow meters are essential devices used in various industries to monitor the rate and flow of fluids and gases. It is essential for the optimum and successful operation of bigger and dynamic applications. There are many flow meters to choose for your business. Make your selection based on your requirements and the device’s specific usage value and benefits.

According to an article published on https://wdcherald.com, flow meter technology is quite advance now and it is no wonder why businesses are using them to boost their operations and processes. Read on to learn about the three most important flow meters for your business.

1. Positive Displacement Flow Meters

These devices are used to measure the fluid volume flow directly through a pipeline. It is possible because of the repeated entrapment of the liquid to measure the accurate flow of the fluid. The entrapment is possible via rotating parts forming moving seals between individual parts and the tube or pipe. For ensuring the rightness of the rotating parts, bearings come useful to support the revolving parts of a positive displacement flow meter. The flow and speed of the liquid occur in accordance with the liquid amount passing through the tube.

These flow meters are known for their accuracy. The devices used in applications for flow meters that need extreme cleaning and sanitization, like food, water, and a few gases. The flow meters are beneficial in smaller line sizes, reduced flow rates, and high thickness. These devices last longer in oil-based applications.

The cons are wear and tear of the mobile parts and their proper maintenance, impurity risks, and often the design not upgraded compared to similar devices or technologies.

2. Mass Flow Meters

These devices are used in waste, mining, and pharmaceutical sectors. The device measures the temperature of a flow stream. The accuracy, however, depends on the elements that function to their maximum potential within the bigger applications, flow rate, and temperature. These devices do not have moving parts and therefore, have an unhindered flow path.

3. Velocity Flow Meters

These devices measure the speed of the flow stream of fluids to figure out the volumetric flow. It is computed by gauging the speed in a cut-off section of the flow and then including the flow speed all through the complete flow area.

The speed or velocity turns less sensitive when the Reynolds number is more than 10,000. There are many types of velocity flow meters including paddlewheel, turbines, magnetic, vortex shredding, and ultrasonic velocity flow meters. These devices prove useful because they help you with the reading of the primary characteristics of liquid flow, which is velocity. Then, these flow meters can become sensitive based on process conditions with the broader application.


Though this is not a comprehensive list, you can use these flow meters based on your business process and operational needs.

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