How to Launch a New Product: Affordable Plan to Generate Hype

The most important thing to do when launching a new product is to spread the word about it as far as you can. The best way to achieve this will be to start early so you can generate some hype about the release. You might not have the resources to start a huge campaign, like the one that helped Apple to sell over 300,000 iPads during the first day ( or both money and history to match the level of GTA 5 sales on the launch day, which reached $800 million. However, even with a limited marketing budget a small business can generate interest for their product. The trick is to choose the right channels and type of content to spread through them.

A Guide on How to Get Your New Product to a Stellar Start

The first thing you should do is to build up credibility for your new product. The best ways to achieve this are:

• Press releases published on popular and respected news portals.
Note that the releases should not only introduce your product but also the business. Even if you’ve been operating for years, you should remind the public about the people who developed the new addition to your collection.

• Influencer marketing.
Having relevant influencers endorse your product is a highly effective way of establishing credibility, especially for a new brand. However, to make this method most efficient, you need to engage influencers early. They should start building interest for your product months before so more of their audience hears about it and starts getting interested.

Once the public’s interest is caught, you’ll need to provide prospective buyers with more information about the product. For that you’ll need a website filled with helpful content and some presentations.
Prepare a custom slideshow that you can not only post on the website, social media, and SlideShare, but also email to your targeted customers. To make this presentation powerful, use custom layouts and color schemes that cause the strongest emotional impact. For that you’ll need some non-standard PowerPoint backgrounds you can find here:

A top-quality slideshow with professional images, animated and with some cheery music attached, can double up as a product video presentation. This will be a good choice for those who cannot afford a professional video yet.

In the meantime, your website should be filled with detailed product descriptions and helpful guides on how to use it. If you already have a website filled with products, place an announcement of the launch there but also create a separate website dedicated to the new product. This will extend your SEO reach and provide you with more backlinks to the original site.

You should also consider organizing contests and special giveaways before the launch to generate some hype. You can schedule the prize presentation ceremony on the first day of sales.

Depending on the type of product you sell, consider shipping pre-orders early and ask your first buyers to share their opinions. You should try to incorporate this into your launch day celebration.

The Launch Day for a New Product: Essential Tips

Once you’ve generated some hype, you need to build it up further and turn your launch day into an all-out celebration. Create an event on Facebook and consider going Live there and on YouTube. During these streams, you can name the winners of your contests and other lucky ones who will get discount or a free product.

Also, be sure to run a massive discount on the launch day, and highlight in all your latest press releases that this will be a time-limited offer. Your main goal is to make every prospective buyer aware of how much they will benefit if they buy on the first day/week. Then make this offer affordable enough to make the customers feel the difference between your special and average market prices.

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