A talk with life coach Kealoha Cristiano Okalani on his life changing self-help book

As a self-motivation and self-improvement Life Coach, Kealoha Cristiano Okalani provides emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual healing to his many clients. Through holistic medicine and the right mindset, he educates people on how they can help themselves and improve all aspects of their life by achieving the harmonious connection of body, mind and soul. 

You don’t have to be living in Kaua’i, Hawaii, where Okalani is located, to be inspired by his lessons and receive his divine coaching. Last year, Okalani released his first book, The Journey to the Self: A thrilling true story about Self & God Realization, where readers get a first-hand account of Okalani’s life and lessons. 

In the book, Kealoha Okalani shares how he transformed poison into medicine and how he faced setbacks and hardships, from financial poverty to abundance, to get to where he is today. He shares the attitude, mindset and spirit he took on to overcome the financial, emotional and spiritual abuse he faced. It is also about a love story that carries records from other times, spaces and dimensions. 

“Journaling gives the individual a chance for introspection, an opportunity to review, at times to forgive, to appreciate, to dream. Really, to expand in a whole sense,” he said.

The Journey to the Self highlights many key mantras Okalani shares with his clients on a regular basis. He shares that it is important to not only be in a good place mentally, but also physically, and where you live directly impacts your state of mind. You won’t be able to stay in any place unless you love it, so be in a place where your heart expands in the rain and sunlight.

Originally from Brazil, Okalani once went by Cris Duraes. Duraes had created everything he needed in all levels (core, genetic, historic and soul) so he could experience several situations, and to be able to relate to other human beings and inspire them. In Hawaii, he embraced his true self as Kealoha Okalani, which means “the love that comes from heaven.” This is all a key concept in Okalani’s book. 

“If you are walking out of your house and feeling hatred for your street, town, or land around yourself, you are in danger. You may blow up from the miasmas that will be triggered in your body. Your only job is to feel love, be grounded where you are, and radiate that feeling into your environment. You must take time to attune to the place you love and feel it in your heart. You must work with the energies of your place to enhance them enough, so you are responsive to Mother Earth again,” he said. 

Okalani began writing the book when he moved to Hawaii. Every day when writing, he would watch the sunrise, wash himself on the beach, and remain isolated to help bring forth the experiences in his life that brought him to that point. He focused on what he believed a wider audience would be ready to understand and receive. It was a difficult process, as he had to relive his entire journey once more, as the book states, his human journey and what happened in his life during the first 36 years of it. He had to bring forth every situation, feel everything again, look at those moments, and not simply write from the point of higher consciousness, where all is well, but in a way people can identify themselves with that reality he created in order to relate to other people.

“People misunderstand the meaning of healer. Healing is not only about laying hands on people. You can heal people by contributing with your own God-given-gift, in your own field. Singers heal others with their voice, painters heal others with their art, hairdressers, dentists, gardeners with their hands and, with their affection, etc.,” he said. “Embrace yourself! Accept yourself! You matter and you can bring joy to others and to your environment and, mainly see yourself as a prize. Once you realize that your soul is actually real, you will have no choice but to develop it. You will be drawn to prayer and meditation and you will long for Creator’s light to develop it. It is through the alignment with the Source Energy within yourself that you create a wealthy consciousness, so you can feel love, peace, abundance and contentment within yourself and with your environment. When you are one with that, you are at home.”

Find out more about The Journey to the Self here.

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