Is there any Ways I can Recover Files from a Dead Hard Drive?

There are several people who ask, can I recover files from a dead hard drive? Well, the answer depends on the types of failures encountered by the hard drive. In one case, it is easy, but in other cases, it can be tricky. Well, let’s see whether you can or cannot recover the files!

The fate of all hard drives

Perhaps you have heard of a saying that all things age and all things die, and the same thing also applies to every part of your computer, including your hard drive. In one day, if you face the need of hard drive data recovery, then, it is apparent that you have forgotten the most important lesson of basic computing: a failure in hard drives is inevitable, sooner or later. To make matters worse, you might also have forgotten to actually backup your data into your other hard drive. Well, is it the end for your data inside the hard drive?

Is file recovery possible?

Well, if your hard drive is failing and now you need to save your data inside, but forgot to ever backup the data into other hard drives, then, you do not have to worry since it is not always the end of it. So what do you have to do in order to save the data for your hard drive? Well, the first thing you have to do is to figure out whether the problem you are encountering is an actual hard drive failure or a boot failure which is caused by one of several other equipment glitches. If there is another computer that you are at liberty to access, you can remove the failed hard drive from your PC that needs help, and plug it into to the healthy computer as a secondary drive. It is easier if you use a universal drive adapter, and you can buy it at a low price if you don’t have any because universal drive adapter is an important tool to deal with hard drive matters. Now, you can see whether the failed hard drive is showing up on your healthy PC or not (if it shows up, your hard drive is fine).

What to do when using Mac

The step mentioned above is what to do when using Windows PC. But if it is a Mac you are using, then can I recover files from a dead hard drive? Now, you will need to do a simpler process to determine the failure, although you will need another Mac that works properly. The non-working Mac must be connected to the working one by using FireWire, then, you need to hold down the T key of the non-working Mac when it is turned on in order to target boot the computer. The date in your failed Mac will be shown on the healthy Mac, which means that the data themselves are fine, but reinstalling your operating system is the thing you need to do since that’s where the problem lies.

What if the data don’t show up?

This is the most crucial event in your life because if the data don’t show up, you would be wondering; can I recover files from a dead hard drive? Obviously, the chance depends on the level of damage suffered, but there is no one who is able to give you a guarantee that your data would be saved entirely or not at all. However, the good news is that the data in a failed hard drive are often able to be recovered. The truth is, data are actually very resilient and are not that simple to get rid of since there are several trials that incorporate any data that were thought to be deleted by the evil company’s computer on the trial. This might also work with your hard drive as well, but once again, no one can actually guarantee that. Well, at least, there is a bright hope that all of your treasures in your hard drive, whether those are your favorite films, favorite games, or your memorable photos with your friends and family can be recovered!

The kinds on the dead hard drive

A dead hard drive might be caused by one of these two problems, which are the logical failure and the mechanical failure. Each of them has different ways and different levels of possibilities of recovery. Well, it is time to ask, can I recover files from a dead hard drive? Now, let’s figure out the differences.

If the driver encounters a logical failure, it means that the outside of the driver is actually fine since none of the main components are damaged. In this way, the dead driver is caused by an error caused by a corrupted file system or an unintentional formatting. Both of them cause the driver to lose its ability to locate and navigate its own data which are still inside the driver unless they have been overwritten. To recover the data from the driver which suffers from this kind of error, you need to remove the hard drive and diagnose it with a healthy PC, and then you need to download and install software for data recovery from the internet such as the ones found at

Just make a destination folder to salvage the data, and wait for it to finish.

But if your driver suffers from a mechanical failure, the effort will be way more bothersome and expensive! This kind of problem is caused by one or multiple broken parts that prevent the driver from working properly, signaled by a specific clicking sound when the driver is trying to access its files and ultimately failed to execute that. Unlike the logical failure which can be fixed by anyone, this kind of dead driver needs a second hand to fix. Well, you will need to contact a company which specializes in data recovery, though it will cost you high.


Since a hard drive will ultimately fail, a question whether the data inside could be saved or not arises. There is no guarantee that they can, but it often can be saved. There are two kinds of failure which cause a dead driver, which are logical and mechanical failure. The former kind of failure is much easier to handle than the latter kind of failure. Well, that was the answer to the question of can I recover files from a dead hard drive?

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