Yeah! They Have Nailed to the Top Endorsers List

When you jump in the sports world, then there is a sea of opportunities that you would get to explore and perform. While there are many other options available, yet the majority of the sportspersons prefer to go with the signing of the endorsements deals that would help them increase their revenue.

Here is a list of the sportspersons those have made it to the top list along with their annual earnings for each endorsement.


  • Roger Federer – $60 million

Along with the record holder of winning the Grand Slam 17 times, the 35-year old Swiss tennis star also holds for being accepting the highest paid endorser as well. The endorsement amount results in $60 million annually. He has many endorsements deals being signed to his name including the big names in the industry like Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, and more.


  • Tiger Woods – $45 million

Tiger Woods had already accumulated a huge fortune with himself when he was in the initial stage in his career with the brands like Gatorade, Nike, and AT&T. But then, Nike has decided to move from Tiger Woods to something better. The list does not end here! According to the Forbes reports, Nike endorses for $20 million a year with the Golf Star who has other endorsement deals with Hero MotoCorp and Rolex as well.


  • Christiano Ronaldo – $32 million

Christiano Ronaldo earns $50 million a year as a part of his earnings from the sports and $32 million from the annual endorsements. Also, he was the highest paid athlete in the year of 2016, which helped him garner more than 200 million followers on the Social Media. He has successfully signed deals with the brands like Tag Heuer and Nike as well.


  • Usain Bolt – $30 million

Tagged as “The World’s Fastest Man” and a winner of six gold medals, Usain Bolt is known for getting a whopping amount of $30 million while endorsing for the top brands. The notable endorsements of Usain Bolt include Puma, Nissan, and lot more.


  • Lionel Messi – $28 million

Lionel Messi, the soccer superstar of Argentina, comes at No. #2 in the highest paid athletes list. Lionel Messi has signed the deals with Gillette and Adidas and is known to receive the amount as high as $28 million. By the way, Lionel Messi is a skilled forward player of FC Barcelona and is currently captaining the Argentinian national soccer team.


  • Neymar da Silva Santos aka. Neymar Jr. – $23 million

World’s most marketable athlete, Neymar Jr. has signed the deals with some of the top-notch brands in their area. He has partnerships with the sport’s premier – Nike, Electronics Leader – Panasonic and lot more including Volkswagen and Red Bull, popular energy drink. The value that Neymar receives from each endorsement is close to $23 million.


  • Serena Williams – $20 million

Other than dominating in the lawn tennis court, Serena Williams is the top contender to bag the sport for the leading female endorser very soon. She reported by Opendorse, has sealed the deal with top sports brands like Nike which other than providing some exclusive Nike offers to its customers, also believes in providing the highest endorsement of $20 million to the sportspersons like Serena.


  • Maria Sharapova – $20 million

There are only two women in the race for top endorsers, one being Serena Williams and other is Maria Sharapova. This Russian tennis player has endorsed several popular brands like Avon, Nike, Porsche, and more. After reportedly being in the headlines when Sharapova failed the drug test just before the Australian Open in the year 2016, her earnings drastically reduces, but she had already earned more than $300 million since the year 2001.


  • Andy Murray – $15 million

Andy Murray skyrocketed to fame when he became the first person in British history to have won a Wimbledon Title that has been unoccupied since 1936. He is reported to close the lid of the deal at $15 million for the renowned brands like Under Armour and Standard Life.

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