How to Promote Products through Social Media to Grab Viewers Instantly

Do you often use social media to promote your product? There is no promotion which can increase traffic in a second. You need time and process to do it. Even so, there are so many ways to promote product and of course you need friends to promote your products. For instance you have friends at facebook 1000 people. From these 1000 people, only 10% visit your blog, so you have traffic 100 people per day. Think about the multiplication that you could have if you have 1million people in the facebook. How many people will see your post everyday? However this way has weaknesses since no everyone is willing to confirm you as a friend. It takes time and process. Many of them are not willing to be your friend if it is not related with their concern.

The other social media to promote is through twitter. You should invite people to follow and follow back. This activity is able to be done for those who are not busy. The content in the twitter is usually motivation words, hot news and any other latest information. Once you are not active, people will forget you. That’s virtual world. Other media social is blogwalking where you need to visit blog which install chat blog. You need to see whether the chat blog is full of traffic. If there are only one or two comments, so the chat blog is not so useful. Comment in the chat box, by inserting your link’s blog. Besides having these promotions, you can promote your product through Youtube. People like to watch video instead of reading long article. For this purpose, you need an account through gmail. You can insert your blog website in the Youtube where everyone can click your blog. However, you also can promote through social bookmark.

You should remember that not everyone who sees your product will call you. Perhaps from 1million visitors, only 10% will call you. People who call to ask your product will not always take quick decision to buy. Maybe only 1% will decide to buy. All efforts are solely to gain market and give many closings. That’s why you have to be active in the social media, giving updates in the blog so people will see that you are also active. Last but not least, make sure that your product is having good quality, so people will return to buy the products in the future.

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