Working from Home with Joining Top Freelancing Sites

Freelancing is one of the most remarkable ways to earn decent income from home. Freelancers are hired to do anything which are mostly involving soft skills such as Graphic Design, Programming, and Content Writing. They are often hired by businesses in all scales for specific period of time project. It brings the benefits to both party. The businesses can cut the expenses by outsourcing in specific term. The freelancers will earn good income. Moreover, they can do it from their home with very flexible time. It is a win-win financial solution.

Most freelancer do what they are good at from home. The thing is about how the business and freelancer do their meetup. They find each other through one of the legit freelance sites below.


Guru is one of the largest freelance sites in the world. It gathers over 520,000 freelancers under one umbrella to be found by thousands of businesses and buyers. A lot of businesses will take the chance to hire some edible skills from this site rather than opening full-time job vacancy. They will browse around this site to find virtual assistants, writers, programmers, and other proficient people to be hired to finish their on-going projects. Its official site,, has evolved as the time goes by. This is the biggest marketplace for freelance talent and businesses. The good thing about this site is that it is integrated with governance framework in which the feature of 1099s for IRS tax compliance is conducted. So the administrative matters have been taken care by this site. The rest the freelancers need to do is just finishing their tasks.


Elance is one of the biggest freelancing sites like Guru. It offers wide variety of freelance marketplace so that the freelancers can basically offer many services without any limitations. Businesses can find many talented freelancers ready to boost their company’s performance. This site has been merged with oDesk which was one of the most popular freelancing sites. Since the joint venture, the flow of orders have been increasing up to nowadays. Those who are looking for the steady income by freelancing can lean on this site.


Programmingbids is the best place for programmers. As the name suggest, the free lance programmers are allowed to use its features to find the projects they can do from web coding, graphic design, visual basic, and many more. Unlike the other freelancing sites, there is the section in which the programmers can sell their own script to the public.


Rentacoder is similar to Programmingbids. This is the best marketplace for IT professionals in general. Ones will find projects in different scales and difficulties. The projects often involves hundreds of freelancers under the same roof. That’s why it is also great opportunity for startup skillful teams who want to improve their portfolio online.


LimeExchange can be great place for entrepreneurs and small scaled businesses to find the outsourcing for their business improvement. This site has been quite a destination for individual freelancers to find job in this site. Though it is less popular than Guru, it has been gathering specific enthusiast workers from around the world. The areas covered are web design, graphic design, translation, writing, web development, networking, multimedia, and programming.


Craiglist is one of the most popular sites on the internet. Folks know it for the free classified ads site. But this is where tons of traffic related to freelancing happen on daily basis. Some parties use this site as the hook to refer to another marketplace like Freelancer, Guru, etc.

Freelancing is a legit way to earn money from home. The projects held in the legit marketplace are definitely promising opportunity to gain the experience, add portfolio and build the connection with potential clients. It can also be the projects from home in the long run, which means steady and solid income.

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  1. Thanks to Elance, Programmingbids, Rentacoder, LimeExchange and Craiglist for the best freelancing site that I achieved in my life which provide me the secondary income in my life. Now I’m very happy with my income 🙂

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