The 4 Most Vital Ecommerce Website Essentials

It only takes seconds for someone to decide they aren’t going to like a website. As soon as that decision is made, they leave and find somewhere else to explore that offers more of what they are looking for. A high bounce rate, which is the term for when you have an inordinate number of people visiting your pages and leaving quickly, is a sign that there is something wrong with your website. For ecommerce brands, this can be fatal. Ecommerce is all about attracting people to your website, gaining their trust, and making a sale. If you can’t keep people on your pages, then you aren’t going to be able to make those sales. Here are the essentials that every ecommerce website needs.

Call to Action

You want your call to action (CTA) to be clear and effective. If you don’t add these then your website visitors can easily get confused and unsure of what they ought to do next. Make sure that every page of your website has a targeted and relevant CTA that will guide your visitors into the sales funnel that you have developed.


If you don’t have the right content on your pages, then people won’t stick around and your bounce rate will skyrocket. Content is one of the most important factors to get right for an ecommerce website, but it takes time and research to get it right. If you lack the skills or the time to get your content SEO compliant, consistently highquality, and relevant to your target audience, then consider using a content writing service. Many of the top content services like will create your content to expressly match your needs and your goals, boosting your SEO and attracting people directly to your webpages.

Contact Information

Just because you only sell online, it doesn’t mean that you need to be an invisible part of your digital marketing. The more information that you can add to your website about how to contact you, the better. Buyers want the personal touch, so 24/7 chat functions are useful, but don’t forget to make yourself easier to find as well, by making sure that your business directory listings are filled out.

Special Offers

There’s a good chance that you will have deals available on a regular basis. This is especially true during seasonal events. Those special offers are not going to have the desired impact if people don’t know about them. Make sure that your offers and deals are highlighted on your web pages. Your homepage should be the priority for these, but there should also be a banner or simply a mention of those deals on every page. The more visible that you make those offers, the more likely that they will entice people to find out more.

Simply finding ways to keep people on your website for longer is, in itself, a positive for your SEO. If your bounce rate is currently too high then it’s definitely time to reevaluate the content and design. Use your analytics to identify where people are deciding to bounce and adjust each page accordingly. Get your customer journey fully optimized and your bounce rates will drop, and your profits will start to show positive gains.

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