3 Best Tire Brands in 2020

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While the invention of the internal combustion engine is what’s often credited for the automobile boom we experienced over a hundred years ago, the engine alone did not get us on the roadways. It also had a lot of help from tire manufacturers, many of whom were around before the first automobiles started cruising, creating tires for bicycles and other equipment. Just as automobiles have changed over the years, so too have tires. Today’s best tires can hold up to a lot of different terrains and can give drivers the safety and security they need to put a lot of miles under those wheels.

 The average person may still need to find a good location to handle their tire repair needs from time to time, it’s true. Though by choosing some of the best tires on the market, the fact is that the need for repairs goes down dramatically because you’re using some of the best equipment out that there’s going to last for the long haul and give you the reliability you’d expect when you invest your hard-earned money into a tire for your automobile.

 There are many high-quality tire brands on the market today, and new contenders showing up all the time. But for right now, in 2020, let’s discuss three of the best tire brands you can choose on the open marketplace, and why they’re so good.

The Top 3 Tire Brands to Choose

1: Michelin

 Everybody knows the Michelin man. Though what many people don’t know is that Michelin is a French “tyre” company that started all the back in 1889, over 130 years ago, creating pneumatic tires for bicycles. After Bridgestone, Michelin is the second-largest tire manufacturer on the planet, and their tires are so common that around 20% of people are driving around on them and have no clue that they’re Michelins because they’re so commonplace as factory tires today.

 The Michelin Defender is the premium tire they produce today. The need for tire repair is very rare with one of these excellent tires on your car. They come with a 90,000-mile warranty and top the charts consistently as the best all-season tire. Best of all, it’s a very fairly priced tire that will not break the bank to purchase. It handles especially well on snow and ice, which makes it a boon for drivers in Canada, where winters can be quite harsh.

2: Nexen Tires

 While this might not be as popular of a brand as Michelin or Goodyear, Nexen is easily one of the best brands of tires today. They’re a South Korean tire company that got its start in 1942, helping to push South Korea to its first-world status right around the time the second World War was breaking out. What’s so amazing about Nexen is that almost every car that’s created in Asia, whether South Korean, Japanese, or anywhere else in the diaspora, they’re likely equipped with Nexen tires when they’re shipped to the Americas.

 One of their best models is the Nexen Aria AH7. This tire is valued for its all-season performance. It runs very quietly and proves to be incredibly economical. It’s a very lightweight tire while also being durable. Like all Nexen’s tires, the AH7 is very affordable and is known as one of the best values on the market.

3: Continental AG

 The oldest manufacturer on the list, and one of the oldest tire manufacturers in the world, Continental AG was started in Germany in 1871, almost 150 years ago. It was already producing superior quality tires before automobiles were even released on the roadways. The company clears over 44 billion Euros on average annually and is also involved in brake systems, chassis, and so much more.

 The TerrainContact A/T is the premium selection from Continental. It took the company three years to create this tire, as they tested it for over 2 million miles. It’s easily one of the best tires available for any terrain, and it’s also an affordable option. The lifespan of this tire is incredible.

 There are all sorts of great tires from which you can choose. The list above just highlights three of the best manufacturers today, and some of their best offerings.

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