5 maintenance tips to keep your wristwatch functioning


You get to enjoy the functionality of a wristwatch when it is working properly. You know the reason for getting the wristwatch and the exact amount it cost you to acquire it. Therefore, it is very important that you take good care of the watch so that it doesn’t get damaged.

The longevity of your wristwatch or the lifespan all depends on how you handle it and your method of maintenance. If you do not properly maintain your wristwatch, you will have to get a new one because it might get damaged beyond repair.

With that in mind, there are ways in which you can properly maintain your wristwatch and get the best out of it without regret.

Get a fitted case

Not all wristwatches come with a housing case. On the off chance the wristwatch you get doesn’t come with a housing case, you need to get yourself one if you really want to maintain your wristwatch for a very long time.

The very first step to maintaining your wristwatch is through the use of a case. You just have to get one if your wristwatch doesn’t come with one. It should be a habit for you to continuously keep your wristwatch inside the case after use as that will enhance the longevity of the best watch select.

Clean the watch

Most people don’t get to know they should clean their watch after use every day. You are likely to have the wristwatch on your hand for more than 12 hours a day and after the activities of the day, you have to remove it before going to bed.

Whichever type of band your wristwatch comes with, it has hi gher tendency to get wet as a result of sweat at the exact place you have it on your hand. You will be doing more good to your watch by cleaning the wristwatch band after use. if it is a metal band watch, leaving the sweat on it will make the band get rust and if it is a leather band, it will get sticky and gives a foul odor.

Avoid contact with chemical

You will be doing more harm to your wristwatch is you are exposing it to chemicals. There are some things you do at home or at your place of work that exposes your wristwatch to danger.

For example, you have to wash your hand at work with detergent and to do that, it is important that you take off your wristwatch.

Those detergents are not just friend with your wristwatch. They have chemical properties and any touch with your wristwatch will not do any good to the watch.

Service regularly

Servicing your wristwatch entails running a general check on the watch to ensure all is in good condition. To service your wristwatch you have to get it to the right person. The horologists are just the best to get your wristwatch serviced. They are well trained to understand everything about a wristwatch and how to fix it.

Avoid magnet

You should avoid taking your wristwatch closer to any magnetic materials. Magnetic force has the tendency to damage a wristwatch. It is why you should never take your wristwatch very close to devices such as television set, speaker, radio and every other device you have in your house with magnetic materials.


On a final note, it is very important that you take good care of your wristwatch as you will always appreciate you do. The best ways to do that is to maintain the wristwatch in the best way you can. Above are the ways in which you can always maintain your wristwatch.

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