How Medical Tourism Is Impacting The Travel Industry

Something that is fast becoming hard to ignore is the fact that we are seeing a shift in the reasons why we are now choosing to travel. While in the past leisure and business were primarily responsible for filling out seats in our airplanes, today medical tourism is also boosting travel sales and contributing millions to the travel industry as a result.

Medical tourism in short involves patients intentionally travelling to other countries in order to access non-emergency care from health services abroad. The impressive increase we are currently witnessing is due to a number of reasons, from the attention brought about by researchers to policy makers all the way through to the media and celebrity endorsement. What has yet to be properly reviewed is exactly what the effect has been on the travel industry as a result in more people opting to choose medical tourism as a way of achieving the body shape and appearance that they seek.

Here are just some of the known ways in which medical tourism has had an impact on both destination and departure countries…

Input from the government

In many countries something that has certainly helped to grow an audience of overseas cosmetic surgery clients is the fact that their governments have provided subsidies to support and nurture the industry. From offering up public land for development and corporate tax breaks to the reduction in the tariff for medical equipment for the specific use for medical tourists.

Private hospitals

The introduction of specially designed public hospitals means that tourists coming from other parts of the world will be able to receive an exceptional standard of care that is on the same level of quality and professionalism that they could expect in their native land. Specialist services also exist when it comes to arranging receiving care overseas through companies who organise the whole process. For example, you can receive a consultation in London and then complete your Longevita surgery in Turkey. This process means that customers are able to access the security of care in the UK as well as the affordability of treatment overseas.

A better equipped workforce              

Something that is being witnessed in many parts of the world who offer cosmetic surgery to overseas clients is the fact that they are hiring physicians that are trained by private medical facilities. Some hospitals also bring over established and highly qualified individuals from all over the world in a bid to be able to provide the highest standard of care possible and entice new customers.

Increased traffic of people

One of the benefits that so many people discuss when it comes to choosing to travel overseas to receive medical attention is the fact that they are provided with a new opportunity to travel and see the world alongside being treated. This inadvertently helps to increase the number of people that are entering the country on the whole and works to boost the tourist industry in the area as a whole.

It has to be said that the wider reaching impact in the growth of medical tourism on the travel sector is not yet made fully clear in the fact that it is constantly being updated and there is still speculation on the subject. Medical tourism is something that was born out of a healthy and flourishing global economy which hints at the fact that it is fast becoming a top contributor to the market. The potential of medical tourism is as yet still something that exists primarily for the benefit of the wealthier population who are able to reap the rewards directly. In order to really get an understanding there will need to be a more mutually beneficial outcome for both the country in question and those looking to receive care there from another destination


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