How can we protect our children from cyber bullies?

Bullying is one of the most tragic things that happen with young children over the years. It can happen on the streets, within playgrounds, beyond the schools’ gates and at plenty of other places alike. Parents can stop it if they take care of the children at these points that we have mentioned.
However, over the last, decade or more a new form of bullying has emerged that is known is cyber bullying and it is said to be the most lethal and dangerous form of bullying. Since cell phone technology has become advanced and cheap parents are buying mobile phones for the kids.
It means children have their own individual digital devices. So, they are using the internet and create multiple social media apps accounts. They use these social messaging apps for plenty of activities such as text messages, text conversations, audio, and videos conversations, share media in terms of photos videos and Voice calls.
All these activities really put them closer to the cyber predators including bullies online. That’s why it is very difficult for the parents to protect their children from cyber bullies.
What is cyber bullying?
There is a little difference between cyber bullying and real-life bullying. A person that use sexually explicit messages and abuse someone online is called bullies online. On the other hand, people who use force, bad language, tease and squeeze someone in real –life is called real –life bullies. Cyber bullying or bullying could be verbal, non –verbal and rational.
Therefore, parents are looking forward ways to protect children from cyber bullies that are anonymous but the impact of the bullying online is the same. Over the years technology has come up with cell phone parental monitoring software that enables parents to stay updated to whom kids and teens are talking on the web and what is the common reason behind cyber bullying.
Let’s get to know how parents can protect their kids from bullying online. They have to perform the following steps then they will be able to cope up with cyber bullies to the fullest.
Install phone monitoring app to kid’s cell phone
Parents initially have to get their hands on the best mobile phone spy software. Therefore, they have to use the cell phone or PC browser. In addition, they have to get the subscription of the mobile phone surveillance software. Then they will receive an email alongside password and ID. In addition, they have to have physical possession of the device.
When they have the access they need to start the installation process. Once they have completed the process of installation then they need to activate it on the target device. However, before they are up to the activation the process they will see a pop –up appears on the screen. Parents can get the direction of the message on the screen to hide the phone tracking app or just skip it and complete the process of activation.
In addition, an end user can use the password and ID to login into the electronic web portal where you can visit numbers of tools that enable parents to stay updated about kid’s online activities to protect them from cyber bullying. Let’s get to know about tools to protect children from bullying online.
Use cell phone spy app tools to protect kids form bullying online
Live screen recorder
It enables a user to perform real-time screen recording on the cell phone screen. Further, it makes short videos of the screen back to back when children using the cell phone. In addition, parents can view the recording of the screen having access to the web portal. It keeps parents updated about social media activities, browsing activities, emails, SMS and applied passwords.
Social media spy messenger software
Parents can simply get the logs of all the social media apps used by the kids on their mobile phone. They can get to know about text messages, conversations, shared photos, videos, Voice messages, and social media audio and video calls.
Remote phone controller
It enables parents to protect children in an emergency when teens are being bullied online. Parents can view installed app, block text messages remotely, block incoming calls and block internet access remotely.
Cell phone monitoring software is the best tool for parents to protect kids from cyber bullying to the fullest.
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