The Value Of A Wireless Home Security System For Property Owners

For a long time, the real estate industry has been plagued with the problem of how to put ‘monitor staff’ on property without foregoing other task. Well, thanks to wireless home security, this is now possible.

With a professionally monitored wireless security system, it is now possible for you to remotely monitor your units. This has led more real estate professional to utilise this piece of equipment to provide extra value to tenants, prevents water damage, keep an eye on staff and protect vacant homes and so on.

What are the benefits of a wireless security monitoring system?

Stay on top of plumbing and pipes

Wireless home security systems allow you to monitor or your properties near -yes, this includes your plumbing and pipes, without the need for a freeze sensor in winter. By installing the system, you can remotely access the temperature of a property -this provides a stress free way to monitor temperature levels without having to physically inspect the property. It is not just freezing pipes that the security system can help you prevent. You never have to worry about a washing machine leaking or a pipe bursting as this system helps you stay on top of everything and helps you catch issues before they escalate.

Keep up with when maintenance staff show up for work

Wireless security systems come with a feature that allows you to create custom pins that alert you to when contractors or staff exit and enter a property you own. This way, you can track if your maintenance needs are being addressed and if your staff is diligent and if there is any dispute, you have a body of evidence to support your assertions. In addition, if your renters agree, one maintenance pin can be set up for all units (this will not be seen by the tenant). Which means that the same pin can be used for each property without incurring security risk.

Keep an eye on vacant property

Thankfully, the days where wired security system was the only option is long gone -the need for a landline phone and a contract it is not ideal for vacant property. With a proper professional monitored wireless security system installed in your property, you can safely monitor your property wherever you might be. If there is a break-in, an alert is immediately sent to the police and they come straight away. In addition, when selling a property, a security system is an easy way of letting estate agents out and in. You can set up a specific pin for them and you can also check to see when they come in and how long they stay.

How to get the most out of your security system

Install correct lock types for different entry points

Wireless systems are great, we however still encourage the use of quality deadbolts, locking systems, even when they are reinforced doors.

Add timed lighting and sensors to outdoor areas

Home lighting is a proven technique that helps deter burglars from targeting your property. Houses that look unoccupied or vacant are prime targets for thieves. By adding timed or sensor lighting especially when your property is vacant, you can give the impression that there is somebody in there. Houses with outdoor areas that have shrubs and trees maintained and trimmed, will be less of a target for thieves and burglars.

In addition, the entryway to your home should be brightly lit, and controlled by light timer if necessary. Not only will you make it more comfortable and safer for your tenants who come home late and night, it would also act as a deterrent.

Make use of security cameras

Installing a security camera is a basic safety trick that allows you to track who comes into your home and prevent theft. In the event that you experienced theft or your home is damaged during a showing, the security cameras will capture who is responsible for the damage.

Insure your home

Even though all the steps outlined above are important, they are not a 100 percent foolproof and you might still be victim of theft. This makes getting home insurance and essential and proactive safety measure to put in place. In the event that injury or an accident occurs on your property, you can get coverage. Don’t forget to keep a record of all your valuables ( videos and pictures when possible)-this coming are handy when evidence is required.

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