Elevated Dog Bowls: What You Should Know About It

What kind of bowl did you use for feeding your dog? Most of you maybe answer you use simple dog bowl that you can easily find on the store. However, there is one type of dog bowls that has a unique design, unlike those standard bowls. It’s called elevated dog bowls

What is Elevated Dog Bowls?

Its name is already explained what this product is. So, this is the bowls that are designed to have higher places than the usual dog bowl. If you just put the standard dog bowl on the floor when you want to use it for feeding your dog, this one is different. The elevated design put the bowl way above the floor. It was designed so the bowl position is close to the mouth of the dog when it stands up. 

The Benefits of Using Elevated Dog Bowls

What kind of benefits your dog can get from using the elevated dog bowl? There are many of them. For example, this unique dog bowl design can improve your dog posture. 

–         Comfortable Eating Position

In short, the standard bowl that you put on the floor won’t be a problem for puppies and small-sized dog breed. However, for an adult dog or the big size dog breed, it could cause some problem.

The standard dog bowl forces your big dog to bend its neck when it wants to eat the food you serve on it. it can cause more stress on the neck, which can cause a health problem. Moreover, your dog also feels uncomfortable with this unnatural position. So, by using elevated dog bowl, your dog can eat like its natural position. It’s more comfortable and good for your dog’s health.

The elder dog that has arthritis problem can cause more problems. This position can worsen their arthritis problem. Of course, you don’t want to make your dog suffer like that, don’t you?

–         Keep Everything Neater

The unnatural neck position that your dog use when they eat from standard dog bowl makes them move around too much when they are eating. The result is the messed up feeding time. the dog food scatters around and as the dog owner, you need to clean it. That’s not an easy task to do. Moreover, it takes much time, if you have many dogs and those active puppies.

The elevated bowl keeps your dog in one place when they are enjoying their meals. With this position, you don’t need to worry about the food being messed up. Your dog can easily finish their meals without giving you an extra task to clean them after that. so, it is not an only good thing for your dog. But, the dog owner also gets more benefits than you can imagine.

–         Elegant Appearance

Seeing your dog eat from the elevated bowl is one of the best things you can have. They eat properly. They stand in order while moving around their tails. That’s one of the most beautiful scenery you can see in your house. Their feeding time can become one of the best time to relax your mind. It’s perfect and matching the main purpose of having a pet, which is to give you a peaceful mind.

–         Protect The Food from Pests

Ants or roaches can easily crawl in into the standard dog bowl because its position is close to the floor, where these pests moving around. The elevated dog bowl can protect or at least lower the chance that these pests can crawl in it. and it can protect your dog from a health problem that is caused by these pests. So, it’s much healthier and safer.

Things You Should Notice

By looking at those benefits, we can easily say that elevated dog bowl is the best choice for a dog bowl. However, you also need to remember several things before you decide to buy this uniquely designed dog bowl. 

One of the most important things you need to notice is the bloat problem. In the past, people believed that using the elevated dog bowl can treat the dog’s bloat problem. However, the recent studies found that this unique dog bowl even increases the chance of the occurrence of bloat problem. And, if your dog already has a bloat problem, it can even make it worse. 

The other important thing is the dog breed. As we mentioned above, the elevated dog bowl can help the dog with big size to eat comfortably. However, some of big size dog breed is more comfortable to eat from a standard dog bowl. So, in general, the dog doesn’t need the elevated dog bowl. 

Elevated dog bowl, in most cases, is only used after you get recommendation or advice from a veterinarian. The dog with a health problem uses this dog bowl to help them to eat easier. It helps them to ease the stress on their neck muscle. The elevated dog bowl also helps the dog to swallow the food easier, which is useful for a dog that has megaesophagus problem.

The elevated dog bowl indeed has many benefits. But, just like other dog tool or treatment that you use, you need to consult it with the veterinarian before you buy and use this dog bowl. It is all-important things to do to avoid some of the serious problems that can affect your dog.

The Stores to Buy the Dog Bowl

Once you got permission from the veterinarian, you need to find the best stores where you can buy the dog bowl. The best store gives you a good price as well as various type of elevated dog bowl. It is important to choose the correct type of size of a dog bowl. For example, the puppies will need smaller elevated dog bowl than the dog bowl for an adult dog. That way the dog bowl you bought is worth the money you spend. And, once you find the product that you need, you can use it right away, which help your dog to adapt with the elevated dog bowls for their feeding time. 

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