Top 3 Features of the Best Mat Boards

Premium raw materials, advanced techniques, strict quality control

The history of paper art is very old, from the papyrus in the Nile of ancient Egypt in 3000 BC to the “paper” of the plant fiber and to the Eastern Han Cailun Papermaking in the Western Han Dynasty of China; from the oriental plane or three-dimensional paper-cutting, paper (color lights, kites, opera figures, etc.) to Western two-dimensional or multidimensional silhouettes, paper collage, paper sculpture, paper equipment, practical paper art (paper toys, paper furniture, etc.); from the folk art to the modern paper art of Impressionism, Cubism, Fauvism, Expressionism and Bauhaus, it has a long history and is endless.

In recent years, paper art has become popular all over the world. The reason is that paper is not only cheap but also available, and the possibilities of paper itself is quite great. It is an excellent material for artistic creation. Paper art DIY is making people of different ages and genders as intoxicated as children. When some ordinary paper becomes a flying butterfly, blooming flowers, the mood becomes unimaginable and refined. In the process, a picture, a set of paper wind chimes, a bouquet of flowers, easily become the most jumping embellishment in the home.

Today, paper is used in a wide range of industries. The most common is the mat boards used for crafts. The quality of the mat boards varies from supplier to supplier. As a purchaser with a large purchase volume, how do you choose a high-quality and professional mat board supplier? There are three points to consider.

1. Premium raw materials

High-quality mat board manufacturer will first use excellent raw materials like acid free paper. The acid volume of paper is the best indicator of its service life. It can be measured with a PH between 0 (acidic, which means the paper has a very short life) and 14.0 (alkaline, which means the paper has a long service life). As the using time increases and the number of exposures in daylight and air increases, the acidity of any type of paper increases. Eventually The PH of the acid value is below 7.0. For example, the newspaper you read every day is made of acid paper. If you can carefully save it, the newspaper will last for 20 years, but if you expose the newspaper to sunlight and air, then It may only be kept for a few weeks.Acid-free means that the pH of the paper is 7.0 (neutral) or higher (alkaline). Under normal conditions of use and storage, the life of acid-free paper can reach 200 years.

For example, as a professional mat board manufacturer, DY Matboard adopts acid free paper. As the biggest matboard manufacturer basement in China , DY has relatively good quality. This stable quality requirement makes us the unique matboard supplier to IKEA in China .DY already has cooperated with clients all over the world. Most of our customer has started the business with us since 5 years ago. DY insists on using the best materials for uncut mat board, pre cut mat board, pre cut mats for framing, custom mat board and so on.

Since the 1980s, many paper mills have turned to the production of alkaline paper (acid-free paper) because it is not only cheap but also has a long life cycle. There are many types of acid-free paper on the market, and their post-use waste content ranges from 10% to 100%. In addition, the production process of acid-free paper is less harmful to the environment. National departments often require printers to print certain documents on permanent paper. Books and other historical documents can also be printed on this paper. Historical documents from around the world are now seriously threatened because many of the documents printed on acid paper have been eroded into pieces.

2. Advanced techniques

Marvelous design and sophisticated design rely on advanced techniques for their display and production. Without excellent techniques, quality and design of mat boards will be influenced. That’s basically the same as making bricks without straw. As the science and technology are developing together with the improvement of consumers’ judgment, people are no longer satisfied with simple pattern design and prefer mat boards that bring great user experience.

DY also brings in the cutting machines from Italy (valiani)and Netherland(gunnar). For over several years, Valiani and gunnar products have consistently reset the bar of excellence for precision cutting in the matboard and framing industries. We have more than 20 vlliani and gunnar cutting machines , Now we cut 150000 mat board sheets each day , have the largest production capacity in China.

3. Strict quality control

Excellent suppliers attach great importance to quality inspection. For example, the products are initially determined by the marketing department and the engineering department, and the quality supervision department is to conduct. Paper cutting process quality standard: white paper, the specification size deviation is less than 1mm, and the web deflection is less than 3mm.

On the other hand, the quality of the printing process also requires supervision. The printed product text, pattern, specifications, size, position should be consistent with the sample and blueprint; the surface should be smooth, no obvious beads and ink sticks; no obvious scratches and uneven powdering etc.

What kind of mat board manufacturer can delight your customers? You can play it safe by relying on what is using great raw materials, advanced techniques and strict quality control. DY Matboard can indeed offer us all of this.

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