Recommended Custom Software Development Companies

In the past few years, the number of a software development company is getting bigger and bigger. This is why some people are getting confused about choosing the recommended one among the available options. Honestly, choosing the one and only best software development company is pretty difficult. It is because almost every software developer company in the market fulfills the highest quality and standards as well as has its own benefits and specializations. If you are searching for recommended customer software developer companies, here are some recommendations.


Intellectsoft is a custom software development company from California. So, it might not be suitable for you who are looking for the one from Austin, Texas, such as the iPhone app development Austin. This multi-awarded company has a specialization in various services and solutions. If you are concerned about reviews, Intellectsoft is the top one according to customers’ reviews. This custom software development company also has a reputation as the most reliable company when it comes to a custom software development. Intellectsoft has been collecting a lot of studies of cases about helping clients with iPad applications, investment decisions, automated solutions, sales data optimization, and many more.

As a custom software development company, Intellectsoft mostly works on online billing, cloud computing, documentation management, payment solutions, B2B and B2C web portals, and also financial and blockchain technologies. This company gains the title of the top custom software development company because of various services in the packages. There are also UI and UX and mobile application development included in the main elements of Intellectsoft. The dedication from the qualified teams will bring differences to your needs. Intellectsoft guarantees the highest standards of every solution and service that it offers to the clients. This custom software developer company is not scared of handling complicated tasks.


The next recommended software development company is Oxagile from New York. The top clients of this company are included Google, Cardiff University, and Vodafone. This software company deserves to gain the title of the top custom software developer company because of its service integrity offered to its clients. In other words, Oxagile successfully provides end-to-end solutions as well as totally fulfill the clients’ needs. This software company has been awarded several times, including IAOP The Global Outsourcing 100 in 2017. Oxagile works based on trust, integrity, teamwork, and flexibility. Among various services of custom software development, Oxagile mainly focuses on e-commerce, video management, AdTech, and business intelligence. So, it might be suitable for you who look for PHP web development company for your e-commerce business.

Oxagile is also able to help you as a client to develop web applications, mobile applications, computer vision, big data, and also automated testing. Oxagile has visions to handle every challenge of dynamic markets as well as the purpose for continuous innovation. 97% of Oxagile’s clients give positive reviews and are satisfied with the services given to them. So, it is not surprising that leading IT companies such as Google chooses this company.

FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is an IT company that provides state-of-the-art software solutions to startups, SMBs, and large business enterprises. The full-stack developers at FATbit stay up to date with all the technological advancements and follow agile software development methodology to provide its clients with the leverage they need in their custom software. With an impressive range of readymade marketplace solutions, FATbit has earned a name in the eCommerce industry.

It can provide you with full-fledged solutions to establish your eCommerce business or launch SAAS services. Due to FATbit’s innovative solutions, it has been featured in Inc. and Business Insider. You can contact FATbit in case you need software development services or want to figure out any company’s business model. Along with its custom web development services, FATbit’s digital marketing and design services also do not fail to impress its clients.

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