What’s Up with Google’s Self-Driving Car?

Google self-driving carGoogle self-driving car

Can you imagine driving a car without you having to navigate the car? This is what Google is trying to do. The giant company tries to expand its business to provide the communities with the solution to their problems. Google’s self-driving car is classified into neighborhood electric vehicles, since it is designed as a city car with tiny but cute model.

Actually, Google’s self-driving car is not a new project, since Google has been working on it since 2009. The project involves a team of scientists that include those who have been working on automotive industry for years.

How Google’s Self-Driving Car Works

The city car works just like a drivers. It identifies the location (where it is), the surrounding objects, and decides what to do. The car is equipped with sophisticated software and sensors to determine the objects such as cyclists, vehicles, pedestrians and many more, and designed to automatically avoid them and drive safely around them.

Where It Is Now

The project is still far from the finish, as the car is now still in prototype, which Google develops from its Lexus SUV. The team begins by adding the components to the existing car and removing the components used by human drivers to navigate the car, such as pedals and steering wheel. Then, the team developed a prototype and let the software and sensors do their jobs in driving.

How People Respond

The prototype of Google’s self-driving car was tested on the streets in California and Austin. Various comments and responses have been received. Some reported that it was moving slowly and suitable only for slower-moving streets. Some other said it just looked like a cartoon car, tiny, cute, but timid. Let’s wait and see what Google does next.

If it makes it way to the market, Google’s self-driving car will be a smart solution for older citizens who have a problem with their vision or those who do have any driving skill.

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