Are you Locked out of your Car? Here’s What you Can Do.

Being human, we are surrounded by misfortunes, because it never comes up with an alarm. The worst thing you can experience is when you locked out of your car. It can happen to you at any time, and it can happen to you when you are alone, and nobody’s there to help you handle this situation. This is the time when you are panicked because all you can think is how to get yourself out without any damage. And these are the situation that must be handled correctly and professionally, getting panicked can make things worse. 

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If you ever get into this situation, you must know how to resolve it, if you cannot reach any emergency services. Here are some steps you can follow that will help you in handling these kinds of situations.

Call someone for assistance: 

If you have an emergency and cannot able to reach any emergency services, then you can check out if there’s any policeman who can help you deal with an emergency. If not, you can ask people in your surroundings to help you. In some car companies, they have policies that help you to unlock your car whenever you locked out. It may take some time, and if there is an emergency, then you must try other ways to unlock your car. Do not be panicked, as it can only cause damage. Take your decisions wisely and check out for the locksmith near you. This process can cause you some money and wastage of time as well.

Unlock your car: 

There are several ways to unlock your car by yourself, depending on your car design and model. 

By using your shoelace:

One way of unlocking your car is, by using your shoelace but, it only works when your car has a knob locking system. If you are wearing shoes, then take off your shoelace or any similar string. Then make a slipknot in the middle of it and hold both the string ends one in each hand. Then through the driver’s door slide the string back and forth with pressure, so that it can reach exactly above the knob. Adjust your string and tighten it with knob and pull the knob upside, this will surely work.

By Using Hard Plastic strip:

This process is similar to the above one. But, this seems to be easier and less time taking. In this method, you just need a hard plastic strip to pull up the knob. Insert the plastic strip through the upper corner of the driver’s door, holding both of its ends, until it reaches to the knob. Try to pull the knob upward direction with the help of the hard plastic strip inside. This will work on only those cars that have manual door lock system. 

By Using Metal Rods:

Another way to unlock your car is by using two rods. Gently open your car driver’s door with the first rod and pull it in an outward direction. Then through the small opening, take another rod inside and push the car unlock button. Remember this can only be applicable for new cars that contain car locking button. This is the safest way and most preferable to unlock cars, as you can find these tools very easily.

Using Your Car’s Windshield Wiper:

This process can work only for automatic cars. If you cannot be able to find any metal rods that could work, then you can go for another option. In this, you first have to pull out your car’s windshield wiper and check the best way you can push it inside your car diver’s door. Check if the window is slightly open or you can use some stick or rod for slightly opening your car door same as the above step. Then push your car’s windshield wiper in order to hit the unlock button placed on the driver’s door. You can go for this step when you cannot find rods to do the same work. 

Hide the Spare Key:

Everything contains some precautionary measures to prevent yourself from rough times. And here is the best precaution you can do to hide your spare key in the safe place where you can access it whenever needed. The best way to hide your spare key is to make a special magnet box in which you can place your key safely and hide the box under your car. You can also put a spare key at your home and workplace so that you can take it from there whenever you fall into this situation.

Approach Corps for Emergency dealing:

If your baby or pet is locked up inside the car, and you cannot find anything to unlock your car by yourself, then you must approach corps to deal with this emergency, as they can help you in unlocking your car. Humans have the ability to sense the danger, and dealing along with this situation will be foolish because by doing this, you not only risk your life but the life of those who are with you at that time. Think wisely and always call corps if you sense any sign of danger and do some precautionary measures to save yourself from these kinds of situations until help reaches you.

Final Words

               These are some steps you can follow to handle such situations. Calling a tow truck or locksmith can take much time and money too. Try to unlock your car with yourself first. If you have a baby or your pet inside the car, your first step should never be breaking the glass to save them because breaking glass can severely hurt them. You must try it by yourself or ask for someone’s help. When you cannot find any way out to save your baby or pet, then you can go for this option. Check all your aims carefully before breaking your window that it does not hurt them.   

Therefore, whenever these kinds of misfortunes knock your door, always prepare yourself. Do not panic; deal with these situations calmly and be patient. Do not hesitate to ask for help. Always be ready with the safest backup by taking spare key along with you or placing the key in magnet box under your car. Do not just stand by and wait for the help, try to do it on your own if there is no backup key. Do whatever you can do, before help reaches you.   

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