The Way B2B eCommerce Support a Wholesale Business

Running a wholesale business much easier today with the help of internet and e-commerce platform. The technology helps to manage everything faster, easier, safer, and efficient. One of such platform is B2B eCommerce.


The Overview

The B2B eCommerce platform is a platform designed for a wholesale business owner and their customers. The customers just need to create an account and they can just order the products they need directly to you. The platform is supported by specific features which help to manage the transactions quickly.


Handle the Customers Personally  

Both, the wholesalers and the customers are supported by an account. As a wholesalers, you can handle each of the customers personally, especially on the best price you want and the products you want to offer to the specific customer.


Customize the Products for Different Types of Customers

You can also customize the detail of the products based on the need. This feature helps you to handle different customers who need the same products. For example, you might set the price of a specific product differently for customers A and customers B. Just imagine how hard and complicated to set the price list and detail without the help of technology. You just need to customize the detail of the program right away and real-time before offering it to all of your customers.


Set Different Price List for Different Customers

Indeed, setting a different price list for the different type of customer is an easy thing to do. You can customize the price list first and then save it and then use it anytime you want. Later, the price list can be tagged to the different group of customers and group. The idea is to make the complicated wholesale business process into a simple and effective process.


Direct Purchase  

As a customer, you are able to make a direct purchase from the platform. You just need to browse the products you want to buy and then make an order! The retailer will receive the order and send it to you. This platform makes the purchasing order simply because you don’t have to call, email, or even fax the retailers. Just use your mobile phone and B2B platform to complete it.


Track Orders Easily and in Real Time  

The platform is not only used for the purchasing process but also during the delivery process. The customers are able to track their orders from the approval, payment status, and shipping until they receive the order. They don’t have to contact the retailer because the detail can be tracked on their individual management page.  The tracking feature helps them to make sure that the order is complete and handled by the retailer well. Then, the can also make sure that the order is delivered safely.


The Benefits of the Platform

One of the benefits of using this platform is to help retailers with a traditional wholesale system who want to sell their products online. The purchasing, payment, and delivery process are also valuable for those who want to start a drop shipping business. Due to the system and the features, this platform is a suitable option for small companies and startups to boost their productivity so they can do everything efficiently as well as to boost their income.  


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