All You Need To Know About Windshield Care

Windshield Care

Most car owners understand the value of undertaking regular maintenance. Waxing, polishing, detailing, and servicing the car are part of the regular maintenance work. One of the important aspects of vehicle maintenance that is often overlooked is windshield care. The car’s windshield maintains the structural integrity of the vehicle and keeps out the dust, grime, and rainwater. It is important to repair any chip in the windshield and if the glass develops cracks or pitting damage it is important to undertake car glass replacement in Delhi or any other major metro city. To keep the windshield from being damaged it is important to understand day-today care.

Use appropriate products – The use of high-quality products specifically meant to clean windshield glass is an important part of windshield maintenance. Very often we use rugs and scrubs to clean car glass. These run the risk of leaving ghastly scratches that affect the windshield’s clarity. Similarly, the use of dishwash liquid to wish the windshield should be avoided. Most auto maintenance shops stock glass towels and microfibre towels that clean glasses without leaving a mark. Use of glass cleaning liquids and glass brushes ensure that the windshield remain damage free for a very long time.

Routine care – Removal of tree sap, car stickers and decals, tinted films, gum, acid rain, bugs, and acid rain stains are all part of windshield care. It is important for a vehicle owner to understand the different techniques for the removal of each of these. Tinted sun control films, gum, and decals can be removed by application of low heat (by a hair drier) or by application of ice. Stubborn adhesive or tree sap, however, may require adhesive dissolving solutions or rubbing alcohol. acetone nail polish remover can quickly soak up and remove paint spots while bug spray removers must be used to remove bugs.

Seasonal maintenance – Seasonal maintenance of windshields is important. This helps to keep off pitting damage and to get your Audi windshield replacement work done before the winter or monsoon seasons set in. Both the harsh summer season and the cold winter months cause untold harm to the windshield primarily because of the difference in temperatures between the interior and the exterior of the car. Monsoons also risk damage from falling branches. This makes it important to look for a sheltered garage or parking space and to undertake routine maintenance during spring and autumn.

Wiper care – Care for the car’s windshield wipers is also an important aspect of windshield maintenance. The commonest cause of windshield damage is the use of damaged wipers. The rubber cover wears off or is torn with use leaving the metal blade of the wiper exposed. When used in this condition, the windshield develops deep gashes and scratches that cannot be removed. This obstructs the vision of the driver making windshield replacement necessary. Regularly checking and replacing windshield wipers minimizes risk of damage

Expert help – Windshield maintenance is both a science and an art. Enlisting professional help is the best way to understand the nuances of keeping the car glass scratch and damage free.  A novice repairman can do more damage by way of incorrect replacement, windshield experts in leading cities to help you understand your windshield repair requirements.

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