Best TWO Alternative to Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is probably the most common and widely used Softwares in the world. Its function is to let you make your official documents. With its assistance, you can make a variety of documents like Research papers, Business Cards, Assignments, Business letters, Book covers, Essays, Articles and much more. Such sort of Software programs are known as “Word Processing Softwares” or simply “Word Processors”. But wait, what if you’re not a Window user, rather a MAC user? You might have to pay to use Microsoft Word, but you’re not able to afford it? Or you want to purchase a word processor but don’t have any idea where to invest? Or due to any reason you want to switch from Microsoft Word, then in this case what could be the best alternative to Microsoft Word? Alternatives that are not only best in their working but also having good demand in the market.

Substitutes for Microsoft Word

So this article is about to answer all of these questions. In this article, we’ll discuss Two Best alternatives to Microsoft Word. One can disagree with our opinion, as everyone has his or her own criteria to select best but that article is just a little help for you people to decide which wil suit you best.

  • WPS Office Writer
    If you want an alternative with a smart interface as well as with a cloud storage then WPS Office Writer could be your ultimate choice. It has come with a smart interface with a Tab system installed to run multiple documents at a single time. Furthermore, its sleek design and icons similar to the latest versions of Microsoft Word makes it even more easy to use, especially for those who shifted themselves from Microsoft Word. Another plus which it gives you that despite having its own proprietary file format WPS, its latest versions store the file with the extension DOCX or in DOCX format so that one can share his work with other Word users with much more ease.Next, it provides the facility of Cloud Storage up to 1GB, so you can store your important files at the cloud storage and can access anywhere, anytime you want. Since this is the era of smart phones, so keeping it in view, free applications are for Android and MAC users. One slightly irritating point is that while connected to the internet, it allows the free advertisement to run. It could be overcome by purchasing the premium version or adjusting the settings, and another thing is it’s proofreader may be not up to dates, so using another program such as Grammar checker would be best, All in all, it could be the best alternative to Microsoft Word.
  • Libre Office Writer
    • Libre Office Writer is the second alternative you can have if you’re thinking to quit Microsoft Word. The only reason due to which it has made to our list is that it has its lively community of Developers, designers, and users who are highly professional and creative. They have created hundreds of templates and plugins for the users. The regular updates allow Libre Office Writer to compete continuously with Microsoft Word.

      If you’re an old user of Microsoft Word, especially belong to a pre-ribbon era or older versions of Microsoft office before the introduction of controversial Ribbon Design, you’ll find it easy to adjust. Otherwise, it’ll take a little longer to be acclimatized with this software plus if you’re a fan of MS word grammar checker then you need another program to do, or you may use an online punctuation check to check for grammar and punctuation, It also supports all other file formats like PDF, DOCX and likewise. You can also integrate with other members of Libre Office Suite and import their data into this writer.


    Besides the above mentioned Programs, few honorable mentions include “Apache Open Office Writer”, “SoftMaker Free Office Text Maker” and “AbiWord”. They could also be used as an alternative to Microsoft Word.

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