Freeway to Process Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech

The early adopters of text to speech were people with visual impairment and dyslexics. Nowadays, these systems are used by other people as well. Organizations are embracing them due to the numerous associated benefits namely;

–  Ease of communication due to the elimination of illegible handwriting.

–  Fast turnaround of documents. The documents prepared have fewer or no errors. The software comes in handy when proofreading a document, and hence fewer mistakes.

–  Time savings due to increased efficiency and reduced level of paperwork. The use of speech recognition system facilitates the generation of documents in half the time or less, that typing takes.

–  Dictation on the go permits multitasking.

One such software is Easy Speech2Text. How can a potential user benefit from this application?

Features and Benefits of Easy speech2text

–  The software recognizes the voice in audio and then converts it to text.

–  Easy Speech2Text also does a superb job in the conversion of text to audio and uses natural sounding voices.

–  Users can expect high-quality results. Powered by Google and other STT/TTS technology, Easy Speech2Text supports over 100 languages in the conversion of MP3 to text and vice versa.

–  It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 for both 32 and 64 bits.

Conversion Process

Speech to Text:

1.  Adding the MP3 file

Upon launching the Easy Speech2Text application, the interface will open. Once open, add the Mp3 file you wish to convert to text.

2.  Click the convert button

You can begin your conversion immediately after uploading the file. As such, click “convert” and that’s it. When the conversion is complete, the output is in the form of text.

3.  Locate the output

Check out the results in the “Text” field area in the interface window of the program.

Text to Speech:

1.  Switching of the interface

Launch the program and then click the “Switch to TexttoMP3” button. A new interface will load.

2.  Copy and paste the text

Copy the content that you wish to convert to audio and then paste it on the field provided.

3.  Play

After pasting the text, click “Play” to begin the process.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings are available to give the user control over the voice and sounds during the conversion of text to speech. The multiple languages available in the conversion include English, German, Russia, Spanish, Filipino and French among many others.

Here are the advanced settings for speech to text:

–  You have four different types of voices to choose from – two females and two males. Take your time and choose what you consider appropriate.

–  You can play around with the speed, pitch and volume.

–  You can utilize the application to recognize voices from multiple languages and then convert audio to text.

Advanced settings for text to speech include:

–  Three methods of conversion.

–  The third mode is powered by Google TTS technology; among the most powerful engines for converting text to speech.

–  It supports many languages including English, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian, Turkish, Norwegian, Dutch and Danish.

Benefits of using Easy Speech2Text

Among the key benefits of using this tool includes productivity boost, an automatic process, and most importantly an error-free outcome. You don’t have to worry about the processing speed of the software. It is as fast as you would want.

Windows Speech Recognition

It is an application meant to improve the functionality of your computer. It gives you the privilege to create voice-activated macros. Its installation is pretty straightforward. You will only be asked to choose the type of device you use to input voice and then check if your microphone is working properly. From there, you are good to go.

The application is invisible throughout in the tray of the system. Whenever you need it, simply right click on the relevant icon and then select what you wish to do.

It allows you to not only add a new micro but also browse through the previously created one and edit it if need be. Other things that you can do with this application include:

–  Creating speech macros capable of inserting text into the specified fields.

–  Running particular applications that are already on your computer.

–  Recording keystroke commands.

–  Advanced users can insert XML, besides creating complex speech macros.

Its interface is user-friendly. It is almost impossible to not know how to go about it. The three-step security feature allows you to confirm the presence of a digital signature.

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