6 Benefits of Applying the IP PBX System for Business

What is the IP PBX system? IP PBX is a complete phone system that provides calls through the IP data network. There are so many modern features involved in this technology. Compared to PABX, IP PBX is indeed considered more practical and beneficial particularly for clients with businesses or companies. The features, on the other hand, give scalability and strength without you need to worry about the quality will be reduced in the future.

Despite the points that have been mentioned above, there are some other things that are considered the benefits of using IP PBX. What are they? Here they are along with the explanations.

Easy Installation and Configuration

IP PBX is basically in the form of computer software. There is also the hardware version that is commonly in the form of a chip. That’s why; it is very easy to install almost by anyone. Meanwhile, the features and interface are simple as well to configure. It gives a chance for all people who are capable of computer and network systems to set it up. It is different from the proprietary phone system that requires only experienced and trained installers to install it.

After the system has been installed and configured, IP PBX is also easier to be managed. It requires another configuration for sure. The configuration is known as web-based configuration or GUI. It enables you to keep and maintain your phone system by yourself.

Significant Money Saving

One of the problems if you use the PABX system for business is due to the big budgets to spend. This problem seems to be solved by choosing the IP PBX system. Thanks to the VOIP providers that help you to make more calls even for the long-distance and international communications. If your company has branch offices, it is really helpful by connecting the phone systems and calls for free.

No Wire Required

Nowadays, it is quite rare to see communication devices to use additional tools like wire. Well, you can just see it on your Smartphone and even PC. Unfortunately, for the PABX system, the wire is still needed. On the other hand, if for the IP PBX, there is no wire required on the office phones.

An IP phone can connect the IP hardware to the computer networking port even the standard ones. Besides, the phone software can also be directly installed to the PC. This is also one of the reasons why using IP PBX tends to be more economical. There are many tools that are not needed anyway.

More Independent

Traditionally, you need to be depended on the vendors to let your phone system work well. It is advantageous for some matters but for others, it is quite disturbing. Mainly when there is an error in the vendor’s system, automatically, your company will experience the bad effects as well. Sure, this problem is really disadvantageous for business.

Meanwhile, IP PBX is based on the open SIP standard. You can combine and match the hardware or software with this SIP-based system as well as the PSTN gateway and VOIP. This is something that other phone systems cannot do. The proprietary phone system needs an exclusive device to use many new features. Even many of them still need additional modules to add the features.


The independence given in IP PBX is also in term of the company’s expansion ability. When you are depending on a vendor, it is often impossible for you to add many extensions or phone networks. Some requirements need to fulfill and, in some cases, you need to change your phone system entirely.

The problem will not be experienced if you use IP PBX. Even by using a standard computer, you can manage more phone connections and extensions. You only need to add more phones to the network to expand the system.

Better Services for Customers

One of the most important things to expand and improve your business is customers. Without them, you will not gain profits you are wishing. There are many efforts to do to gain customers. It is including giving the best services to them.

With IP PBX, you can give more and better access to the customers. Since the system is based on the computer’s performance, you are able to integrate the phone functions into the business apps. It is possible also to explore more features for customers. For example, the system can display the list of customers along with their phone numbers automatically just after receiving their calls. The video conferencing system can also be simply added. Not only is it improving the service quality, this system also cuts the cost more significantly.

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